Gadget of the week: Karotz, the return of the Nabaztag!

by bold-lichterman

We all remember the communicating rabbit created by Violet. The Nabaztag, connected to the web, can then vocalize information from RSS feeds, read blogs or podcasts, listen to an Internet radio, warn of the arrival of an e-mail, receive voice messages or music. He obeys certain vocal commands and can express himself in luminous language …

In 2009, the company was acquired by Mindscape and we had not heard from since. It therefore returns under the new name of Karotz and looks very much like his brother, with some new features.

Gadget of the week Karotz the return of the NabaztagIt now includes a webcam to chat between owners or monitor his house, a better quality speaker and a new battery. It reads your friends’ tweets and Facebook statuses. You can call and control it remotely via your smartphone or iPad and it is able to recognize specifically badged objects thanks to its RFID chip reader.

It will be offered with optional badges to mark objects or people, a dock to connect it with your PC, iPod or iPhone and alarm clock or calendar applications for example.

Initially announced for March 25, its release has just been postponed for a month by Mindscape. It will therefore be available on April 25 at a price of € 199.90. Of compensations are planned for those who had pre-ordered it and expected to receive it in a week.