Gadget of the week: Getpowerpad, the wireless charger

by bold-lichterman

The Gerpowerpad is a wireless charger for electronic devices and mobile phones. Developed by the French company E.Zicom, the Gerpowerpad uses induction to charge the batteries. You put your device on the station and it recharges automatically, no need for a cord.

Note: for the iPhone, you must provide a special shell (27.95 €) and for phones from the brands Samsung, HTC, Blackberry, Nokia, Nexus One … you will have to replace the original battery with a model compatible with the Getpowerpad (available from Q1 2011).

Gadget of the week Getpowerpad the wireless charger

Finally, thanks to the universal charger (€ 24.95) and the connectors provided, you can also use the Getpowerpad to charge iPad, game consoles and other tablets.

Introductory price: € 89.00

Available on the site: