Gadget of the week: Archos 3.5, the Android landline phone

by bold-lichterman

The French company Archos innovates once again with a new concept: the “smart home phone”, or the meeting of a domestic telephone and its latest generation mobile counterpart. Gadget of the week Archos 35 the Android landline phoneThe Archos 3.5 is to the smartphone what the iPod is to the iPhone, all it lacks is access to a 3G network.

It is therefore a classic DECT cordless telephone coupled with an Android device compatible with all ADSL boxes. It offers the possibility, via its touch screen, to browse, read emails and install thousands of Android applications via the platform. ApplsLib. It can also be synchronized with the address book of a real Android smartphone.

Last asset, its 720p HD webcam for video calls or home surveillance, children … The Archos smart home phone will be available in September at a price of 149 €.