[Gadget de la semaine] Wimm, the connected module disguised as a watch!

by bold-lichterman

It is a young Californian start-up that created what could become a small revolution in our daily uses of the web. WimmLabs has indeed designed a module, which works on Android, and is aimed primarily at the community of developers to develop the platform.

Gadget de la semaine Wimm the connected module disguised as

Baptized the Wimm Platform, this module connects to your smartphone or other portable terminals, provided they are equipped with Android. The Wimm Platform is a transformable and adaptable module: personal assistant, electronic payment method, or even a watch connected to your Google Calendar!

Wimm is also able to signal a phone call or an SMS. The accessory is equipped with an LCD screen, a Samsung microprocessor and an internal memory of 32 GB. It also has a GPS, a compass and an accelerometer.

The Wimm module calls on developers, and has just opened an SDK to develop the product, its design, its functionalities.

You will have to pay $ 299, and wait a little longer before the very near marketing of this new must have device!