[Gadget de la semaine] USB Typewriter, the 2.0 typewriter for your PCs, Macs and tablets

by bold-lichterman

Do you have the feeling that technology is simply changing too quickly for you? Would you like to come back to simple things every now and then? If you want to combine modern and retro, theUSB Typewriter is made for you !

Gadget de la semaine USB Typewriter the 20 typewriter for

This new kind of keyboard connects to any USB port (PC, Mac, or tablet) and is made from a typical, refurbished and overhauled typewriter. The USB Typewriter is equipped with all letters, numbers and punctuation marks as well as the less standard F1-F12 which can be found on a special toggle key.

Expect an average of $ 650 for a USB Typewriter, but if the price scares you a little, you can always make your own USB typewriter by following the wise advice of Jack zylkin on the Instructables website.