[Gadget de la semaine] The 5 flagship features of the new Galaxy S III

by bold-lichterman

The South Korean giant unveiled its new smartphone last night in London: the highly anticipated Galaxy S III. Running under Ice Cream Sandwich, this third version of Samsung’s flagship product will be marketed from next June from € 649. The phone will be available in white and blue.

Focused on simplified use, the smartphone also presents its share of new features, as noted the 20-minute editorial staff who was able to test the device.

Gadget de la semaine The 5 flagship features of the
Among them :

  • A voice recognition system, like what Siri offers on the latest iPhones.
  • Face recognition: the new smartphone can automatically tag people, saved in the phone’s contacts, taken in photos from the device.
  • The Sharing Easy function which allows data to be exchanged between two latest generation Samsungs by placing them against each other, in particular thanks to NFC technology.
  • Direct Call, which allows you to directly call back a person by placing the device on their ear after receiving a message from them.
  • Finally, on the photos side, the powerful sensor (8 megapixels) of the smartphone can take a burst of nearly 20 images and recommend the most successful. The device can also dissociate faces from group photos and offer a crop for each of them.

This new smartphone should therefore allow Samsung to continue its successful breakthrough in the world of mobile telephony. As a reminder, the South Korean became in April the world’s leading manufacturer of smartphones and mobiles.