[Gadget de la semaine] Tethercell, the battery-powered case

by bold-lichterman

Control any object that works with batteries from your smartphone or tablet? This is what Tethercell offers, a box connected to your mobile by Bluetooth and which replaces AA size batteries.

After downloading the free application compatible with iOS and Android, you can activate and deactivate the television remote control at will on game nights, cut off the power to the wireless controllers kids at dinner time or use your imagination and sense of humor to trick your friends.

Can be used up to thirty meters, you can also check the battery level of the selected objects or program the triggering and stopping. Regardless of the number of batteries required to operate the object in question, it only takes a single battery equipped with Tethercell to take control of it via the app.

Still in the planning stages, Tethercell is present on Indiegogo where he raised, 29 days from the closing date, nearly $ 24,000 of the 59,000 expected.