[Gadget de la semaine] Taktik, ultra high protection iPhone case

by bold-lichterman

Entrepreneur Scott Wilson (LunaTik) managed to turn the iPhone 4 / 4S into a refined and rugged warrior with the case Taktik.

Ultra resistant since composed of several layers of protection, the Taktik has a bold design and the best materials on the market. It will allow you to take your iPhone wherever you go without risking scratching or breaking it. The details make up the product: shock-proof suspension system, “Gorilla” glass lens (waterproof, anti-glare, anti-dirt), “Gore” waterproof coating, easy access to the bell switch …

Count $ 75 for a black or white iPhone 4 / 4S protection, $ 100 with Gorilla Glass, $ 150 for a silver Taktik associated with Gorilla Glass. The brand will soon put on sale a “Future Proof” pack comprising a taktik for iPhone 4 / 4S and a Taktik for iPhone 5. Both can be sent separately since the protection for iPhone 5 will go on sale 3 months after the launch of this one. -this.