[Gadget de la semaine] Soundlink, the retro bluetooth speaker!

by bold-lichterman

The audio specialist Bose recently launched its new wireless mobile speaker SoundLike.

Gadget de la semaine Soundlink the retro bluetooth speaker

This portable speaker therefore replaces its predecessor SoundDock. Thanks to its bluetooth system and its lithium-ion battery, Soundlink offers great mobility and an autonomy of up to 6 hours of listening depending on the volume of the sound. It is also compatible with all smartphones and tablets.

Only 5 centimeters thick, it can slip into any bag like a simple book. Its small size does not prevent it, however, from offering high quality sound, thanks to four ultra-thin and very resistant speakers.

Last small detail: a cover, which like the iPad, can serve as a base and puts the device on standby, as soon as it is folded down.

This small retro and powerful device is already on sale. You will still have to pay at least 299 euros. The version with a leather cover, the Bose SoundLink LX, costs 349 euros. Bose sells optional color covers from 29.95 euros.