[Gadget de la semaine] Renew SleepClock, the iPhone dock that takes care of your sleep

by bold-lichterman

Developed by Gear4, Renew SleepClock is an improved iPhone base. Indeed, in addition to broadcasting your music, the station acts as an alarm clock. So far, nothing very original you might say …

Gadget de la semaine Renew SleepClock the iPhone dock that

The interest lies in the multitude of sensors included in this gadget, which allow you to analyze your sleep, via your breathing and your movements. Indeed, based on a dedicated mobile application, Renew SleepClock calculates your sleep cycle and therefore determines the best time to get you out of bed.

This intelligent new generation alarm clock also allows you to decrease the volume of the music and then turn it off at bedtime when it realizes that you are starting to fall asleep.

Renew SleepClock is expected to be marketed near € 180. Its release is scheduled for next month.