[Gadget de la semaine] Play Native Union, the new generation Post-it

by bold-lichterman

Pop and tangy colors, pocket size … The Play Native Union looks like a real post-it and even a little more!

Gadget de la semaine Play Native Union the new generationIndeed, this new flashy gadget in the shape of a comic bubble allows everyone to leave a video message of up to 3 minutes thanks to a VGA sensor. “Can you go get some bread?” “” I went to Mathilde’s, I’ll be back around 10 pm… Thanks to this new digital post-it, your usual messages take on a new dimension.

Designed by Fabien Nauroy, the new accessory can easily be left on a fridge or any other metal surface thanks to a magnet.

Easy to use, Play Native Union has only three buttons: record, play and delete. Once the message has been recorded, an indicator light flashes to warn the recipient of the message. The latter will therefore be able to discover the message addressed to him, while knowing when it was carried out.

Available for purchase at the official website, this high-tech post-it is sold for almost € 60.