[Gadget de la semaine] Little Printer, the printer for your smartphones!

by bold-lichterman

The society Berg Cloud imagined a new printer that looks like owni! A real gadget, due to its size and its neat design, Little Printer allows you to print all your small news from any smartphone, in the form of receipts.

Gadget de la semaine Little Printer the printer for your

This ingenious mini printer works wirelessly and, even more surprisingly, without cartridge! Indeed, everything is based on a principle of thermal bands. Small content, such as an SMS, an email or even a tweet, a grid calendar, a photo or a sudoku can therefore easily be printed in black and white. Little wink, at the end of each print, the printer marks the paper again with a smiling face. To make it work, all you need to do is download a dedicated application on your smartphone.

Little Printer, will be marketed by 2012. It is already possible to pre-order it from the manufacturer’s website, but for the moment no price has been communicated.