[Gadget de la semaine] iTwin, 2 in 1 USB flash drive to share files online

by bold-lichterman

iTwin is a strange object with 2 USB ports on either side. But, as its name suggests, iTwin is double and comes off in two distinct parts for file transfers between two computers. All this via a coded internet connection. How it works ?

  • Connect iTwin to a PC (Windows or Mac) and tell it which files you want to share
  • Detach the outer half of iTwin and connect it to another PC
  • Download the files in question via an internet connection using AES 256 encryption

Gadget de la semaine iTwin 2 in 1 USB flash

You might be wondering why not just use a good old USB stick for this manipulation. The main interest is also twofold:

  • Your files do not “physically” walk around in nature
  • Their size is potentially unlimited. All that remains is to have a good connection!
iTwin, meeting of the USB key, the cloud and intense geekery is sold for 99 $ here. In know more on its operation.