[Gadget de la semaine] Iris: keep an eye on your house from your smartphone

by bold-lichterman

If you go on vacation afraid to leave your home unattended, Frenchweb today offers you the gadget you need: Iris, developed by the manufacturer Lowe.


Iris allows you to monitor and control your home using your smartphone, tablet or laptop. It offers 3 types of standard kits: the “Iris Safe & Secure” pack, which includes movement and contact sensors for your doors, windows and cabinets, the “Comfort Iris & Control Kit” which focuses on the energy control of your home, and the “Iris Smart Kit” which combines the content of the two packages: security and energy.

The installation is quite easy and can be done directly by the House’s owner. Once the device is in place, you can check the security of your home and control your connected devices directly from your computer, smartphone or tablet.

Basic services include: email, text or call alerts as soon as a sensor triggers the alarm system, the ability to power devices remotely as well as two minutes of streaming video if you have a device photo set up in your home.

Count $ 179 for a basic pack and $ 299 for a full pack. You can also install the premium service for $ 9.99 per month.

Gadget de la semaine Iris keep an eye on your