[Gadget de la semaine] Invoxia revisits office telephony

by bold-lichterman

Ease of use, sophisticated ergonomics, sleek design and cutting-edge acoustics… 135 years after the invention of the telephone, Invoxia rethinks office telephony and presents its latest addition, the NVX 610. The idea is to use an iPhone as a control interface.

Gadget de la semaine Invoxia revisits office telephony

Equipped with 8 speakers and 8 digital microphones, the NVX 610 also incorporates Skype technology. In conference mode, it is also able to perform virtual placement in the space of remote participants, with automatic follow-up of the interlocutor giving the sensation of a real conversation.

Unlike most desk phones, Invoxia is simply equipped with essential functions: a button for receiving calls on the loudspeaker and adjusting the volume, and two “secret” and voicemail touch keys. With the iPhone as interface and the free Invoxia application available on the AppStore, its use is ultra intuitive.

Available now on the site from Invoxia , the device will still cost the modest sum of 417 €.