[Gadget de la semaine] Ice Screen, the portable screen presented at the IFA

by bold-lichterman

The manufacturer TCL presented one of his new creations at IFA 2012: a smart portable screen called Ice Screen.

Gadget de la semaine Ice Screen the portable screen presented

Equipped with a transportable 26-inch screen, a high-definition video communication system and many other applications, the object combines the qualities of a tablet and a television: mobility, connection, and quality image. You will be able to store audiovisual content, music, photos, games, and enjoy its communication systems, such as for example instant messaging. The Ice Screen is equipped with a portable power source and boasts an ultra-slim design that allows freedom of movement. Its rotating base makes it easy to switch from vertical to horizontal. In short, an ideal object suitable for both personal and professional use.

Ice Screen was launched in China and is available on the Internet for € 250. The date of its launch in Europe has not been communicated.