[Gadget de la semaine] iAcoustic, the radically design and vintage iPhone dock

by bold-lichterman

The latest in the gramophone market for smartphones, here is iAcoustic. Developed by the studio aBite Design, this resolutely vintage and designer gadget has virtually no electronic components. Indeed, the object is simply based on the principles and laws of acoustic physics.

According to its creator, iAcoustic would therefore amplify the source up to 60 decibels. For now, this vintage speaker is not yet available for sale. Indeed, the Korean studio behind the gadget is awaiting validation of the patent it has just filed.

However, in the same spirit as iAcoustic we find several products already marketed, including the iVictrola, imagined by designer Matt Richmond and produced by the brand Made Craft. Weak in new technologies, iVictrola is however sold around 500 € per unit.