[Gadget de la semaine] Cube is printed in private homes

by bold-lichterman

Until then very often reserved for professionals, the 3D printer is opening up a little more to the general public with “Cube”. Marketed for a few days by 3D Systems, this new generation printer for individuals is much more affordable and practical to use than before.

Cube headband

First presented at the last CES in Las Vegas, Cube allows you to give shape to many objects, from shoes to toys, including chess pieces …

If the price of this new Cube increases from $ 1299 to $ 1569, it is indeed lower than what we find on the rest of the market ($ 2615 for the CubeX, pro version). This second generation promises, in addition to a greater choice of materials and colors, improved performance with up to 1.5 times faster printing speed and 2 times greater accuracy of printed parts. WiFi has also made its appearance.

A Print Pack offer, including, in addition to the Cube, four cartridges, 25 free printable object models and Cubify® Invent design software is available for $ 1290 excl.

3D systems relies, alongside its Cube printer, on its Cubify community site, a space for creating and exchanging models of objects or finished objects.