[Gadget de la semaine] ADzero, the 100% bamboo smartphone … or almost!

by bold-lichterman

Imagined by Kieron-Scott Woodhouse, a young 23-year-old British student, ADzero is a smartphone that is a little out of the ordinary … Exit flashy colors and silicone aspects, the mobile is based on a unibody frame entirely made of bamboo!

Gadget de la semaine ADzero the 100 bamboo smartphone or

Innovative, the concept starts from a simple idea: most smartphones are made in China, where there are large quantities of bamboo.

From a photo showing the new Ice Cream Sandwich browser, ADzero seems to work under Android. On the other hand, in terms of technical features, no details have been revealed. Only information communicated: the smartphone weighs 70 g, or half the weight of the iPhone and has a larger screen.

Initially planned for the Chinese market, this smartphone is also expected to be marketed in the United Kingdom. However, no price or release date has been communicated.