[FW500] Pitchy’s solution to automate corporate video production

by bold-lichterman

For training purposes, to promote your employer brand, and more generally to communicate, video is everywhere. More engaging and attractive than other formats – such as PowerPoint – it has become an important component of the communication arsenal of the various trades within a company, whether for internal or external use. What is at stake for some of them? Managing to produce quality videos while controlling costs.

Pitchy is tackling this problem with its platform Video production SaaS launched in 2013.

International in the sights

We provide large groups with a principle of video templates, models with a multitude of graphic styles that we will be able to put to the charter of these companies. The promise is that any employee, even if they have no skills, can in a few minutes create a professional quality video ”, explains Benjamin Chouraqui, co-founder of Pitchy. “IHe can embed in a few clicks all the types of content he has: his film rushes, his texts, pictograms, illustrations, key figures, his animated infographics … If he wishes, he can add music, voiceover, subtitles, etc. Then he generates his videos in complete autonomy“,

But can creativity also be automated? ” The concept of Pitchy, precisely, is to try to dissociate what the professional must do – for that we have more than 10 in-house motion designers who will create all the animations of these templates – and we will not leave the hand to the employee that what we are sure that he has the skills: that is to say the messages that he wants to convey in his video“, Answers Benjamin Chouraqui.

The company now has around 50 employees and claims 300 large corporate clients such as Total, Orange, Manpower, American Express and Vinci Immobilier. It is now targeting the international market with an expansion in Europe as its first objective.

Find the full interview with Benjamin Chouraqui, co-founder of Pitchy

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