[FW500] How French Numberly became a global marketing technologist

by bold-lichterman

We need, in Europe, marketing technologists who both leverage technology and mathematics, algorithms, to be more relevant for consumers and advertisers ”, assures FrenchWeb Yseulys Costes, co-founder and CEO of Numberly (ex-1000mercis), a French pioneer in digital marketing. ” We need large players, mid caps, companies that have a surface area that allows them to play at an international level ”. The company founded in 2000, just before the explosion of the internet bubble, and which has positioned itself in email marketing, mobile marketing, messaging, CRM and programmatic, can now claim its place. from marketing technologists global: listed on the stock exchange in 2006, Numberly is now at 40 semesters of growth and 500 employees in its eight offices around the world (Paris, London, New York, Amsterdam, Montreal, Dubai, Milan and Brussels).

However, it was not won, according to Yseulys Costes: “ the complexity is to seek scale when we were born in France on the European market, which is a market that has less natural scale than the United States or China for example ”.

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In 2018, the company recorded a turnover of 68.1 million euros, an increase of 15.8% compared to 2017, for net income and operating income down respectively to 4.2 million euros (vs. 5.3 million euros in 2017) and 6 million euros (vs. 8.1 million euros in 2017). Declines which are mainly explained by investments dedicated to recruitment and product development (10% of its turnover goes to R&D), a drop in margins on the messaging and emailing activity, but also, and above all, to the acceleration of Numberly internationally.

The international business has gradually become a major focus of the company’s strategy. In 2016, Julien Chailloux, Executive Vice-President of Numberly, also told us that the company was clearly going “ go to more mature markets (…) to seek growth (…), while relying on our ability to have production in France ”. Today, for Yseulys Costes, this strategy is paying off and the company plans to stay the course in this direction. ” In any strategy, you need consistency ”, she says. ” Innovation is at the heart of our strategy, and the consistency and the fact of sustaining the investments that bring profitability allow the group to grow ”.

More details in our interview with Yseulys Costes, CEO of Numberly:

  • (00:27) Explosion of the internet bubble, IPO, change of identity … the history of Numberly

  • (01:29) 40 semesters of growth

  • (02:20) The evolution of Numberly’s offer

  • (03:57) The FMCG, health, key sectors of Numberly’s growth

  • (05:25) Customers and budgets of all sizes

  • (06:11) Mature markets, the right strategy

  • (06:52) Why Europe needs marketing technologists

  • (08:19) What are the areas for future investment?

  • (09:23) Keep investing to keep having impact

  • (10:52) Execute the client-centric vision, a challenge for the years to come

Numberly: the key data

Founders: Yseulys Costes, Thibaut Munier
Creation: 2000
The head office: Paris
Workforce: 500
Sector: MarTech
Market: targeted digital marketing solutions

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FW500 How French Numberly became a global marketing technologist

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