[FW Radar] Zyfro wants to facilitate the billing system of freelancers

by bold-lichterman

Founded in 2014 in Spain by Roger Dobaño and Albert Bellonch, Zyfro is an invoicing software available to freelances, SMEs and very small businesses. The service has been available in France since November 2016.

More details with Julien Chaupin, Marketing Director of Zyfro.

FrenchWeb: What needs does Zyfro meet?

julien-chaupinJulien Chaupin, Zyfro Marketing Director: Our start-up meets the needs of auto-entrepreneurs, SMEs, TPEs who seek to carry out their management and invoicing with a simple tool at an affordable price. Working with the cloud, it allows you to connect from any device with Internet, so you can manage your accounts, invoices, quotes, etc. more easily. You can also integrate your e-commerce. We have targeted ourselves on this type of customer because we believe that the solutions currently offered do not correspond to their needs.

What’s your value proposition?

We cover the complete needs of a small business in terms of management and invoicing software while keeping the price affordable. Our platform has many features such as “automatic bank reconciliation”, online payment from the invoice, connection with e-commerce platforms, etc.


Who are the users of your solution?

The users are self-employed, SMEs and very small businesses, all looking for management and invoicing software. we also have a special option for accountants. Our customers are mainly looking for a simple and ergonomic solution that allows them to manage their management and invoicing simply and quickly.

Who are your competitors?

There are many in our sector among them: Zefyre, Sage One, Zervant ..

We adapt our tool according to the requests of our customers, which very few software do. In addition, we offer an integration of the bank account and e-commerce and an automation of the procedures all this for a competitive price.

What is your development plan?

Present in Spain for 3 years, We decided in November 2016 to launch in France which worked because we got our first French customers in January 2017. We are constantly looking to improve our product in order to adapt it to the demands of the market.

We add new functionalities as and when our customers ask us to do so, the goal being to always innovate and meet their needs as much as possible.

What are your challenges?

The most important issue for us is the adaptation of our product. Adapt your product, improve it as and when requests are always questioned and above all continue to converse with a solution that is understandable and easy to use, despite the changes made.

Founders: Roger Dobaño and Albert Bellonch

Creation date : January 2014

Fundraising : 800,000 euros

Seat : Spain

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