[FW Radar] ZestMeUp, the HR tool to understand your employees

by bold-lichterman

Created in 2015 by Guillaume Viry, Pierre-Henri Freyssingeas and Christophe Bergeon, Zest is an application that allows human resources to understand what is going or what is wrong with a company.

More details with Christophe Bergeon, co-founder and CEO of ZestMeUp.

FrenchWeb: What needs does your service meet?

christophe-bergeonChristophe Bergeon, co-founder and CEO of ZestMeUp: Zest is an application and a Web solution that brings real time to human resources. The platform allows companies of all sizes to take the pulse of their teams instantly and in a few seconds, to conduct more precise surveys to understand the levers of engagement of each employee and finally to encourage everyone to give frequent feedback on their activity. , its development and its difficulties or expectations.

What is your value proposition?

Completely transforming the employee’s experience in a company by listening to them and understanding their levers of engagement, providing them with a level of service that will delight them and which will also be very beneficial for their company, are our main value propositions. A happy employee is a more efficient employee!

Who are the users of your solutions?

Any type of business from SMEs with 5 employees to large groups of tens of thousands of employees. For example, we work with EY, BNP Paribas, AXA, Bouygues Construction, but also with start-ups and SMEs of all sizes. The issues and uses are often similar even if the front door may be different. Understand much more quickly how the women and men who make up your company are doing, reduce the risk of departures, warn of emergency situations, understand the levers that will re-engage your employees, all issues shared by very, many companies, alas not yet by all. But also give tools to employees and managers to improve on a daily basis in their interactions with others.

What is your development plan?

We bring a lot of new features and constant improvements by delivering a new version per month! The major evolutions to come are an ultra simple tool for automating monthly feedback, coming to prepare, complete or replace the famous annual interviews and a cultural HR bot, Zoé, who will reserve plenty of surprises and bring artificial intelligence to Zest!

We hope to double in size over the next 6 months, both in terms of number of users, customers and also revenue. There is a very strong enthusiasm among companies for employee listening solutions.

We are already present in Germany and Switzerland, through distribution agents who are specialists in the HR market. We are considering other distribution partnerships and we are considering the United States, which is a strategic market in our field of soft HR.

What are your challenges?

We wish to continue to evangelize the market on our global vision, also to explain that one-off action on the subject of commitment no longer works. Not all companies are yet aware that their people expect profound transformation and action, rather than talk.

We plan to strengthen our sales and customer success team. We are preparing an upcoming fundraiser to accelerate our development.

On the HR side, attracting the best talent is our number one priority, we already have a great team that allows us to be where we are, we now need to double it, without making a mistake.

Who are your competitors?

We already have quite a few competitors, Americans or Europeans, for example CultureAmp, Peakon or Supermood. We believe we have a more global approach to the subject of employee engagement and experience, a survey alone will not re-engage your employees, it is a complete and renewed vision of the HR and managerial approach that will transform the way they work. seeing the business, and that’s what we bring to our customers.

Founders: Guillaume Viry, Pierre-Henri Freyssingeas and Christophe Bergeon

Creation date : May 2015 for the creation, March 2016 for the product release

Fundraising : no

Seat : Paris