[FW Radar] YouCanHave.it wants to become the Shazam of TV

by bold-lichterman

Founded in December 2013 by Oz Houssami and Didier Baptiste, YouCanHave.it allows viewers to learn more about the programs broadcast on television. Indeed, the application sends them information (price of the product, places where they can buy it etc.) on what they are watching.

More details with Oz Houssami, co-founder of YouCanHave.it.

FrenchWeb: what need does YouCanHave.it meet?

Oz-HoussamiOz Houssami, co-founder of YouCanHave.it: It’s very simple, from my sofa in front of my television, I have a question about the film, the series, the show, the actress, the brand of her dress, the place I see, the historical context, etc. YouCanHave.it fills the lack of immediate information, in a personalized and non-intrusive way, in relation to the watched program.

What’s your value proposition?

In short: we are the only gateway on the market that concretely transforms the audience of TV channels into web / mobile traffic.

Ultimately, we make it possible to initiate conversion tunnels by satisfying the impulsive needs of viewers, both in terms of commercial content (redirection to e-commerce sites for products and services) and non-commercial informative and recreational content.

Who are the users of your solutions?

Every viewer who has ever been confronted with a deep existential question (middle name of Brangelina’s new baby, or how to get Darth Vader’s lightsaber delivered in 24 hours) will have to use our platform one day or another.

Advertisers / product installers are not left out, because they now benefit from a revolutionary way to enhance and promote brands on the screen while retaining their customers in a natural and lasting way. All this, complemented by an in-depth measurement of viewer engagement thanks to the big data collected.

Who are your competitors?

Applications offering some commercial content related to television programs already exist: they are very (too?) Oriented towards purchasing fashion products. For our part, we favor the diversity of content, both informative and commercial.

What is your development plan?

YouCanHave.it is a platform that integrates with third-party applications (ISP, channel applications, etc.) by providing the intelligence of our contextualized enriched content algorithm. TV programs are globalized, so are the issues around them; with a system that is already operational for internationalization, we will explore the countries of the French-speaking world from 2017, then we will extend our wings to the English-speaking markets in 2018, where the demand observed is very strong without there being any adequate response.

What are your challenges?

The mission, far from being impossible, which we have accepted, consists in creating a network with the actors of the television ecosystem having applications or sites linked to television by making them benefit from the intelligence of our recommendation algorithm. , thus allowing them to create additional engagement and income.

Finally, we are open to any investor wishing to support us in our adventure of internationalization.

Founders: Oz Houssami and Didier Baptiste

Creation date : December 2013

Fundraising : 168,000 euros with Friends & Family

Seat : Paris

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