[FW Radar] YBorder, the HR platform to find the best developer profiles

by bold-lichterman

Created in April 2015 by Maya Noël, Jérémy Dubois, Jean-Noël Houdu and Baptiste Vavdin, YBorder is a recruitment platform dedicated to developers.

More details with Baptiste Vavdin, co-founder of YBorder.

FrenchWeb: What needs does your service meet?

Baptiste-VavdinBaptiste Vavdin, co-founder of YBorder: YBorder is an online recruitment platform that allows all companies, validating our acceptance criteria, to recruit French or European tech talents on permanent contracts. Via an alert system, companies are informed in real time of the candidates available on the market throughout Europe, and corresponding to their research. We want to be sure that the company can allow the professional development of our selection of candidates.

What’s your value proposition?

We are a recruitment platform:

1) Which offers you a pool of candidates hunted and qualified by recruitment professionals based all over Europe.

2) Which can be directly integrated with the main ATS or Applicant Tracking system on the Market (Smartrecruiters, Workable, Lever, Greenhouse, Welcome Kit etc.).

Indeed, from a certain size, companies are forced to use a tool to manage their flow of applications and recruitment process. In order not to waste their time using an additional tool, we make sure that they receive the profiles directly via the tool they use the most on a daily basis.

Who are the users of your solution?

YBorder users are currently mainly companies based in France, Germany, UK, USA and Canada. They are nearly 800 to use it.

Their uses depend on their organization and their needs:

  • Large groups will use our platform to reach talents that they do not usually encounter. Access to this network allows them to achieve a major objective shared by all: to develop their digitalization.
  • Start-ups or other pureplayers will often use it after fundraising, to expand their technical teams.

All in all, all companies offering a “sexy” professional opportunity to our carefully selected candidates can join us.

What is your development plan?

We focus on developing and improving our product.
It’s taking because we have to provide service to different types of interlocutors, recruiting companies, recruiting professionals, and candidates.

With client companies, our goal is to offer ever more relevant candidates in the simplest and most efficient way possible, hence our partnerships with ATS. For all recruiting professionals, we make sure that they can offer an additional service to their “nugget candidates” so that they get the ideal job in the city of their choice.

Who are your competitors?

We do not have any direct competitors for the moment, we are halfway between the opportunistic functioning of platforms such as Hired or Talent, and platforms for tenders to firms such as Hiring Hub or TalentTory.

What sets us apart is our sourcing method as well as our integration via ATS.

What are your challenges?

Improve our metrics! This is the difficulty and the challenge of developing a platform.

We must ensure to bring more volume (more candidates and more companies) by maintaining our quality.

To medium term weWe’ll see funds (Series A) for Accentuate our international presence, because our final objective is to be THE reference for any candidate wishing to change country, and companies wishing to internationalize. But the road to evangelization is still long, we must also prove ourselves on national recruitments.

Founders: Maya Noël, Jérémy Dubois, Jean-Noël Houdu and Baptiste Vavdin

Creation date : april 2015

Fundraising : with the ISAI Fund via their Seed Club at the end of last year, 700,000 euros

Seat : Paris

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