[FW Radar] Wuha wants to revolutionize the corporate intranet

by bold-lichterman

Founded in April 2015 by Antonin Mathez and Sacha Gallo Parouty, Wuha is a search solution linked to the company’s intranet. With each search carried out via Google, the sites most likely to provide information of interest to the company are highlighted.

More details with Léa Munoz, communication manager of Wuha.

FrenchWeb: What needs does your service meet?

lea-munozLéa Munoz, Wuha communications manager: Today, a company employee spends up to 9 hours a week searching for information: in the intranet, in his company’s shared files and on the Web. Unfortunately 80% of this time is spent finding information that is difficult to access with current tools. Wuha is a smart search engine. It synchronizes all of the company’s information sources and offers the 10 best results directly on Google, right in a completely secure and confidential environment.

What’s your value proposition?

We allow each employee to find the best information about their company in seconds on a platform that everyone uses: Google. Ultimately, Wuha is the solution to no longer waste time looking for information at work.

Who are the users of your solutions?

We mainly target consulting firms, law firms, banks as well as accounting firms. These sectors generate a lot of information internally from a multitude of different sources. It is often difficult to find information because people don’t have the right keywords and they don’t know where to look. An endless puzzle for IT departments who have sought to develop and develop solutions that are often at odds.

Who are your competitors?

We don’t have direct competition. We distinguish ourselves by a fully packaged and very easy-to-use solution that uses semantic and behavioral intelligence to determine the 10 best results to offer.

What is your development plan?

Every day, we improve the intelligence of our system thanks to our partnership with LIRIS. We want to increase the compatibility of our solution with other tools such as Slack, Dropbox, Gdrive, etc …

Our vision is to be, in 5 years, the natural complement of Google for companies.

First of all, the French market must be secured. Then, help our customers and our international partners to export to Europe and North America within 3 years.

What are your challenges?

We want to succeed in converting our pilot subscriptions within large accounts by increasing the number of users: EY, Segeco, Mazars, Caisse d’Epargne, Natixis or Société Générale.

We want to establish partnerships with legal databases such as the ELS (Editions Lefebvre Sarrut) which are in progress.

We plan to raise funds at the end of 2017 with a global envelope of one million euros to secure the French market, increase the subscription period of our customers and increase the compatibility of Wuha.

We are currently 6 and we want to recruit 8 people in 2018 to improve our solution more quickly and develop our sales force.

Founders: Antonin Mathez and Sacha Gallo Parouty

Creation date : April 7 2015

Fundraising : structuring on equity at creation to have leverage effects with Réseau Entreprendre Rhône, BNP and BPI. 500,000 euros have made it possible to increase the cash flow to internalize our team and develop the intelligence of our solution.

Seat : Lyon

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