[FW Radar] Windoo bets on sport to increase well-being at work

by bold-lichterman

Launched by Arnaud Varnier and Florent Destremau in April 2016, Windoo is a platform where companies can book a workout for their employees.

More details with Arnaud Varnier, co-founder of Windoo.

FrenchWeb: What needs does your service meet?

arnaud-varnierArnaud Varnier, co-founder of Windoo: For several decades, innovative companies have been competing for originality to increase well-being at work. The goal? Motivate the troops and attract the best profiles!

With Windoo, we are offering this new generation of companies to use sport to achieve this. In short, you no longer need to be Google to treat your teams well!

What’s your value proposition?

We offer an all-in-one solution for setting up sports and team activities in the office.

From a personalized space, our customers can access more than 1,500 immediate booking activities, and have access to a tool that allows them to manage flows, internal communication and any employee payments.

The little extra? Collaborative: each member can offer football or running to the whole team in a few clicks …

Who are the users of your solution?

A real revolution is underway in the way of approaching work. Driven by Silicon Valley, more and more companies understand that happy and united employees perform better than others.

In a few figures, corporate sport means 15% less absenteeism, 10% more productivity and 100% guaranteed pleasure! Or, for the most rational of us, a significant impact on the bottom line and the reputation of the company, and that at a very low cost if we compare it to other types of initiatives.

Our conviction is that this approach is not reserved for large groups and GAFAs. Our mission is therefore to provide all these new players who share this modern concept of work with the right tools to implement a sustainable Happy & Healthy culture in the company.

What is your development plan?

We want to ensure an irreproachable user experience for our customers, and automate all the processes that allow sports supply and demand in all their forms to meet.

In order to best satisfy our customers, we are going to extend our proposals to other types of activities and develop additional features for “gamification” of the experience (surveys, challenges, contests, etc.).

What are your challenges?

Our different challenges are:

  • Be on the lookout for new sports trends and maintain a network of several hundred partner providers.

  • Finalize our fundraising before September 2017 from investors who provide the key skills necessary for the success of our project (digital, internationalization, etc.).

Founders: Arnaud Varnier and Florent Destremau

Creation date : April 21, 2016

Fundraising : any

Seat : Paris

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