[FW Radar] Weflat wants to make architectural advice accessible

by bold-lichterman

Founded in October 28, 2016 by Alexandre Calais and Clément Galvain, the platform Weflat connects future buyers of real estate with architects.

More details with Alexandre Calais, co-founder of Weflat.

FrenchWeb: What needs does your service meet?

alexandre-calaisAlexandre Calais, co-founder of Weflat: Weflat connects buyers and architects when visiting a property. The buyer details his purchase plan and indicates his date and place of visit. One of our architects responds favorably and performs the service. The use of an architect is wrongly considered elitist. We want to democratize architectural advice as part of a real estate purchase with a simple and affordable service.

What is your value proposition?

Our value proposition is twofold. Buyers benefit quickly and inexpensively from the advice of selected architects. Thanks to our service, they can know the quality and the potential of the good before making a decision. Our work cost estimates are also invaluable when calculating the total project budget and negotiating the loan. Architects are paid for their advice; it is above all for them the opportunity to build up a new clientele.

Who are the users of your solutions?

Since the launch of the offer in January, our customers are mainly first-time buyers. They are looking for an independent, reliable and quality service that will support and reassure them during their real estate purchase. They got to know us mainly on social media) and word-of-mouth.

The average time between booking and visiting is a day and a half, so we note that our responsiveness is a key factor of attractiveness. The buyers then let themselves be accompanied during the visit and do not hesitate to ask the architect many questions. Finally, around 6 out of 10 customers have not made any offers following their visit, but all will call on us for future visits.

What is your development plan?

In recent months, we have focused our efforts on making sure our service is relevant to buyers. We built our report with architects and then tested it during real visits. We have also completely automated the platform to be able to handle more volume.

From now on, we are developing with the establishment of partnerships and selecting architects to extend the service to other cities. We will then enrich our offer by addressing professionals (traders, restaurateurs, real estate investors). Finally, if we are able to help buy better, we will also be able to help owners sell better, always with the help of our community of architects.

What are your challenges?

We need to increase our notoriety, this requires more physical and digital communication. To finance it, we are currently working on obtaining grants, then we hope for a first fundraising in early 2018 which will allow us to strengthen our teams and accelerate our development. All our efforts are aimed at democratizing access to architectural advice to help potential buyers. Weflat should become a common sense reflex for any buyer. If we succeed, we will be in a sizeable market, in France, there are 1.2 million transactions per year (source: transactions in the old CGEDD 2015) that must be multiplied by the number of visits for a property ! We obviously hope to capture as many as possible.

Who are your competitors?

There are very different players in the architecture market, among the best known we can cite Rencontreunarchi which offers contact with one of their architects for 50 euros or Monmaitrecarre which organizes architectural competitions.

Our positioning is unique, we are the only player specifically positioned on the advice of architects when visiting real estate. Our offer is also extremely simple and understandable for buyers: no calculation according to the prices of the services of the architects, the cost of the work or the surface of the property. For 100 euros, this is the most affordable complete offer.

Founders: Alexandre Calais and Clément Galvain

Creation date : October 28, 2016

Fundraising : any

Seat : Paris