[FW Radar] Usabilla wants to make the voice of the consumer heard

by bold-lichterman

Usabilla was created in February 2009 by then student Paul Veugen. The platform offers different tools to companies to find out what their customers think. In the form of a form or a simple question, users of a website can provide feedback.

More details with Jan Schoonis, Head of Business Development France of Usabilla.

FrenchWeb: What problem solves Usabilla?

jan-schoonisJan Schoonis, Head of Business Development France of Usabilla: Our solution makes it possible to visually collect customer opinions and display personalized questionnaires according to the user’s journey.

Usabilla is a solution of feedbacks which enables companies to improve the way they measure customer satisfaction across all digital channels (desktop, mobile, tablet, app and email) by improving the user experience and increasing conversion rates.

Why collect feedbacks? Our customers use our solution to stop guessing what users want and start listening to what they want.

What’s your value proposition?

We give users an easy way to let brands know what visitors think of their products and services in order to optimize their digital channels while keeping feedbacks of their visitors in mind.

Our solutions provide answers to questions posed by web players. Why do users leave this page? Why don’t they convert?

We make it possible, among other things, to increase a site’s performance rate, to resolve bugs more quickly, to make UX decisions based on tangible information.

In summary, analytical tools make it possible to see what is happening on a site, feedbacks of users respond to Why?

What are your customers looking for?

Our clients range from large accounts (Orange, Voyages-SNCF, Darty, PSG) to SMEs and start-ups.

Our economic model evolves according to the number of page views.

There are two main types of use:

  • The feedback button (your opinion) permanently visible on the pages of a site. The button allows you to upload suggestions, compliments, bugs, questions via a screenshot of the page.


  • Personalized questionnaires


We allow questionnaires to be triggered according to the user’s journey.

For example, we can capture the visitor when he is about to leave a site or according to various parameters (example: the time spent on the site, the origin of the user, the browser cookie, actions performed on the site or personalized variables such as demographics).

Who are your competitors?

Some solutions such as Hotjar, Kampyle or Opinionlab make it possible to collect the feedback customers, but we are the only ones to offer targeted questionnaires that are triggered at the right time for the right visitor.

Our solutions feedback visual (screenshot) allow our customers to really know the users, which sets us apart from our competitors.

What is your development plan?

We went from 5 to 65 people in less than three years.

Following the recent opening of the Paris and New York offices, further openings are planned in Germany and London in 2017.

Each year, we show growth of over 100%.

On the product development side, our solutions are available on websites, app and email.

The roadmap is “Mobile firstSo the focus in 2017 is on new app features.

What are your challenges?

The conquest of new customers, the evangelization of our solution on the French market and the doubling of our workforce in France in 2017.

We are a company that wants to maintain our leadership position in user experience and the voice of the customer.

Founder: Paul Veugen

Creation date : February 13, 2009, since the end of 2014 in France

Fundraising : $ 1 million in 2011

Seat : Amsterdam

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