[FW Radar] Uprigs, a jobboard for unskilled jobs

by bold-lichterman

Founded in May 2016 by Anaïs Rolland and Pascal Fourtoy, Uprigs is a job platform for profiles without qualifications.

More details with Pascal Fourtoy, CEO of Uprigs.

FrenchWeb: What needs does your service meet?

pascal-fourtoyPascal Fourtoy, CEO of Uprigs: Until today, there was no professional sourcing tool to find profiles ready to accept positions without the required qualifications. In the case of executive recruitment, there is Apec, LinkedIn or even recruitment firms, but for a material handler, a teleoperator or all these “easy to access” jobs there was no specialist.
Uprigs is the premier specialist in jobs without qualifications and experience.

What is your value proposition?

The main promise is speed. The shortage of applications for unqualified positions is a real problem, we are able to obtain 15 to 25 applications in less than 48 hours.

The second promise is the reduction of turnover, our algorithm pre-sorts the applications so that the recruiter takes time only for the profiles most likely to match the position, to commit to work and to keep on the duration.

Who are the users of your solutions?

On the one hand, there are “job seekers”, tired of traditional channels, they are users of our solution for its simplicity and originality. The one-click application, without CV or LM, is a small revolution for them in the world of the unskilled. In less than a year, we have gathered more than 11,000 registrants.

On the other hand, recruiters, more than 200 companies: SMEs and large groups, temp agencies. With a desire for optimization, they appreciate Uprigs for its simplicity and the easy-to-measure return on investment.

What is your development plan?

We are fortunate to be agile in our development, our product is constantly evolving thanks to the feedback from our customers. The technical team works daily to make the product simpler and the algorithm ever more relevant, to the delight of client HR teams.

Today we are present everywhere in France, with a strong concentration in Loire-Atlantique. We would like to take more importance in the large French metropolises. Our recent fundraising from private investors gives us the means to achieve our ambitions.

It is too early to talk about internationalization, but if we have chosen a name like Uprigs, it is because it is indeed a medium term objective.

What are your challenges?

Maintain healthy growth and do not bend under it. We are tackling a large market, populated by powerful and well-established players, it is up to us to be both rapid and structuring. Even if “volume” is crucial for all job sites, we must keep a focus on quality, otherwise we will have no consistency in the eyes of our customers.

Who are your competitors?

There are great companies like Qapa, CornerJob or LeBonCoin. However, most of them are generalists. There are also temporary agencies, but we see them more as clients than as competitors, our part being limited to sourcing and not to contracting.

Our particularity is our specialization. The generalist algorithm is efficient, but there are as many possible algorithms as there are humans, we offer a unique experience for a clearly defined segment.

Founders: Anaïs Rolland and Pascal Fourtoy

Creation date : May 20, 2016

Fundraising : 325,000 euros, private investors from Pays de la Loire (including Bamboo)

Seat : Paris