[FW Radar] Umanlife, the connected health record

by bold-lichterman

Founded in 2012 by Alexandre Plé, Umanlife is developing a dashboard to retrieve data – from connected objects or a smartphone – on the quality of life of individuals.

More details with Alexandre Plé, founder of Umanlife.

FrenchWeb: What needs does your service meet?

alexandre-pleAlexandre Plé, founder of Umanlife: Today, each of us manages our finances, our trips, our friends on the Internet and on mobile; but no one manages his most precious possession: his health. Umanlife which means “You manage your life», Is a personalized digital platform that allows end users to monitor and improve their health and well-being. In B2B, Umanlife is positioned as a “health CRM”.

What is your value proposition?

Our value proposition is as follows: take charge of your life and improve your lifestyle today to be healthier tomorrow. We rely on an artificial intelligence algorithm to offer the user tailor-made coaching and deliver the right advice at the right time. The DNA of our solution is based on ethics and data security.

Who are the users of your solutions?

For the general public, we keep health data and we provide thematic coaching services tailored to everyone’s needs: sport, stress, addictions, sleep, pregnancy, nutrition and your pet.

In B2B, we work with banking / insurance groups, healthcare players (pharmaceutical laboratories, healthcare establishments) and major accounts. Our modular solution meets their specific needs: prevention and corporate wellness tool, aggregated and anonymized reporting.

What is your development plan?

We are launching a new version of our site at the start of the school year and we are also working on the development of a fun and very innovative application for our sector of activity.

We went from 5 employees to 15 in the space of a few months following the entry into the capital of our new partner with whom we are preparing our international deployment.

What are your challenges?

The healthcare market is gradually moving from a curative system to a preventive system. Our ambition is to become the key player in e-health to support this movement!

We continue to develop a turnkey B2B offer to meet the expectations of our customers.

Who are your competitors?

A pioneer in the sector, we are pleased to note the development of our competitors, which augurs well for a growing and structuring market. GAFA remain the most prominent players in this market.

From the start, our ethical bias has set us apart from our competitors. The security and privacy of our users’ data is fundamental. Our ethics committee and the choice of our healthcare data host reflect this.

Founder: Alexandre plé

Creation date : september 2012

Fundraising : yes, confidential amount

Seat : Paris

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