[FW Radar] UBDMS wants to develop pop-up stores

by bold-lichterman

Founded in January 2017 by Anne Claire Groisne, Alexandre Champeil, Alexandre Malavaud and Séverin Groisne, A shop in my living room (UBDMS) offers the establishment of a pop-up store.

More details with Alexandre Malavaud, co-founder of UBDMS.

FrenchWeb: What problem does UBDMS solve?

Alexandre-MalavaudAlexandre Malavaud, co-founder of UBDMS: By offering everyone to open a pop-up store at home, UBDMS meets 3 basic needs: testing and discovering new products, having a good time with friends and supplementing their income. Hosts who open a pop-up store are ambassadors for the product selections they choose to offer their guests. This proximity to the products offered, and the sincerity of advice between friends allows a real transformation of the shopping experience.

What’s your value proposition?

For our guests, UBDMS is the assurance of supplementing their income by touching 10% of their sales. For their part, buyers discover, test and taste products recommended by a member of their entourage. To summarize, we combine the advantages of physical commerce and e-commerce, backed by a recommendation from a loved one.

Who are the users of your solutions?

A shop in my living room is for all individuals. By using our service they come to discover innovative products that are almost impossible to find in traditional shops. They discover and test these products for free with their friends in a warm and friendly atmosphere. If they like the products they can buy them which increases the host’s prize pool.

What is your development plan?

Our ambition is to become the leading network of ephemeral home stores in France and abroad. Today we have launched our first selections and are developing our network of hosts day by day. We are developing our offer as we go and wish to carry out an initial fundraising by September 2017 to support our growth in France and in Europe.

What are your challenges?

The home sales market represents 4 billion euros in France and is today mainly populated by traditional players. Our first challenge is therefore to succeed in dusting off this sales model. We are thus setting up efficient sourcing of innovative products, recruiting hosts in line with these products and providing them with digital tools to improve the shopping experience. Our first challenge is to renew the general public’s vision of this mode of distribution which has long been stereotyped.

Who are your competitors?

Our competitors are either pure e-commerce players (private sales, showrooms, etc.), or brands distributed for sale at home. We are at the crossroads of the two by combining the practicality of e-commerce with the user-friendliness and the possibility of trying offered by home sales.

Founders: Anne Claire Groisne, Alexandre Champeil, Alexandre Malavaud and Séverin Groisne

Creation date : january 2017

Fundraising : any

Seat : Paris

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