[FW Radar] Travellerpad wants to digitize every moment of an event

by bold-lichterman

Travelerpad was founded in April 2012 by three graduates of HEC Montreal, Félicien Scott from Martinville, Yann Ulrich and Kim Mazzilli. The start-up markets various tools to digitize events: listing of guests, application of the event, satisfaction survey, etc.

More details with Félicien Scott de Martinville, co-founder and CEO of Travellerpad.

FrenchWeb: what needs does Travellerpad meet?

Felicien-Scott-de-MartinvilleFélicien Scott de Martinville, co-founder and CEO of Travellerpad: The watchword today in events, whether for the general public or corporate, is digitalization.

Bringing digital into business is vital, and we do it with our customers, event after event.

Their needs are important and varied, but we have isolated 4 main ones, corresponding to the lifespan of an event:

  • 1 / The event registration site

  • 2 / the registration solution

  • 3 / application of the event

  • 4 / data and analysis of the ROI.

We meet all these needs with a single product, and a fortiori, a single ultra-experienced contact. We design digital solutions for our clients’ events.

What’s your value proposition?

We are present from start to finish with our own technologies, so we are able to set up integrated solutions: single database, software, hardware, support.

The organizers meet there: a single service provider and therefore a single interlocutor to manage, more readability, savings in time and money, easier work. In the end, together we provide a better experience for end users.

Who are the users of your solutions?

The users are in fact the participants in the events. Since they are gathered there together, we might as well take the opportunity to get the best out of it: allow everyone to ask their questions, express their opinion, contribute and develop on important subjects. In general, our clients seek interactivity, in particular they seek to promote networking and meetings, within a secure space and in which they master every aspect.

In the background, the approach is also green: we tend to go paperless by dematerializing a lot of information (personalized agendas, all practical information, all the documentation, presentations, etc.).

We also know that we help them project a modern image with neat designs and forward-looking tools, which is probably what motivates us the most.

What is your development plan?

We are currently recruiting to consolidate the dev team, with the aim of starting a complete overhaul of our solutions. This will allow us to offer something even more impactful in a while, we won’t say more for the moment but this is only the beginning.

As we already have a foothold in North America with our agency in Montreal and we know how to work with large international accounts, we are convinced that we are capable of carrying out a major expansion.

What are your challenges?

We must consolidate our growth and give ourselves the means to achieve our ambitions. As we have never raised funds before, except in crowdlending for a very reasonable sum, we are examining this possibility to support our development.

Who are your competitors?

Our main competitors are:

  • Evenium and Connexme: they do not offer the flexibility that characterizes our solutions

  • PowerVote and MyQaa: they only intervene on some of the issues that we take care of

Founders: Félicien Scott de Martinville, Yann Ulrich and Kim Mazzilli

Creation date : april 2012

Fundraising : any

Seat : Paris

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