[FW Radar] The Ice app wants to become the budget Slack

by bold-lichterman

The application Ice was created by Gérard Toko in June 2016. The tool makes it possible to visualize the different tasks of his collaborators and to see the estimated time for each action and to associate the budget with it.

More details with Gérard Toko, founder of Glace.

FrenchWeb: What problem does Ice solve?

gerard-tokoGérard Toko, founder of Glace: Budget management and business productivity are at the heart of the issues for managers and project managers. However, 50% of project managers say they lack visibility on their budget flows or on the productivity of their employees. Companies are not equipped with tools capable of having a global and precise vision on all tasks, employees, project progress and budget consumption at the same time.

What’s your value proposition?

The Ice application was designed to compensate for this lack of visibility and allow managers and project managers to carry out their projects, by having precise statistics on each of the axes of a project and this in real time!
We use big data and interpret the multiple data of your business in the form of graphs and monitoring tables that report on the progress of projects and the level of budget consumption, in order to forecast delays and avoid budget overruns.

The working time of each employee is recorded there, which makes it possible to assess productivity and make adjustments in order to stay as close as possible to their objectives.

Who are the users of your solution?

All company employees are likely to use the application. We adapt the interface of the application according to the user. Three interfaces are possible for three types of users:

  • The “Administrators” interface for executives and business leaders. They have access to all the features of the application in order to look at the overall statistics and profitability of their business. A 360 vision that will allow them to make budget forecasts for the various projects.

  • The “Managers” interface for managers and project managers. They have a focused view of all projects in detail, they manage the budget, the timing and assign the collaborators who will work on each project.

  • The “Collaborators” interface for all company employees. They have a view focused on their own productivity and their working time on a project or over a given period. They can thus better organize themselves and manage their time.

Who are your competitors?

We have two main competitors which are Harvest and Elomanager, but we differentiate ourselves on several points. These companies have a limited application to project management. Although Harvest incorporates the concept of budget into its application, it remains on the surface. We are the only ones to have focused in depth on budget management to allow managers to anticipate potential errors.

The strengths of our differentiation are:

  • The potential prediction of budget overruns and project delays.

  • An intelligent estimate of quotes through data and cost suggestions on features (to come).

  • Integration of synchronization modules with Trello and other tools to manage the progress of projects (to come).

  • The integration of a Push Time which will allow a suggestion of your worked hours thanks to a synchronization with your tools (Google Calendar, Trello, Slack, Github). You no longer have to enter your time, it will be suggested to you and you will only have to validate (to come).

What is your development plan?

The application is currently only in beta. We would like to improve it by integrating new features, making the application mobile under iOS and Android. But also evolve on Machine Learning in order to make it smarter and more efficient for budget estimates and potential overruns.

Regarding the Ice team, we want to double our workforce by the end of 2017. In the long term, it is an application that can develop internationally, the English translation of our application will be there. one of our big next steps. We would also like to open the Freemium aspect to capture the curious and the independent.

What are your challenges?

First of all, we seek to attract as many customers as possible. Thus, we are recruiting business developers who will be ready to implement their sales force, to meet the needs of better budget management of managers and project managers in this market.

We want to generate interest in the application and increase its notoriety. In early February, we launched our Twitter account, which allows subscribers to follow improvements to our application and to have information flows on productivity and business project management.

Our ambition is to become the benchmark in terms of corporate budget management. Be the budget Slack, with an innovative, modern vision and remove the constraining aspect of declaring your working time as most companies do today on an Excel table.

Our technical team is very competent and we want to recruit more developers to allow rapid growth in application development on Big Data issues.

Founder: Gerard Toko

Creation date : june 2016

Fundraising : any

Seat : Paris

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