[FW Radar] The Aixois de Fenotek attack the Americans with their connected intercom

by bold-lichterman

Bruno Davoine founded Fenotek in April 2015. The start-up markets Hi), a connected video intercom. This tool allows you to monitor the comings and goings in front of the house. The intercom is connected to an application. Thus, it is possible to know what is happening in real time in front of your front door and to start a discussion remotely with, for example, a delivery man. The goal is to secure the house against possible burglars.

Hi) is a wireless intercom that connects to the Internet. More details with Bruno Davoine, CEO of Fenotek.

FrenchWeb: What needs does your service meet?

bruno-davoineBruno Davoine, CEO of Fenotek: Hi) allows the whole family to keep control of the front door with a smartphone, from anywhere and anytime. Communicate with your visitors via video, open the door, lend virtual keys, edit scenarios… Through a range of original features, Hi) offers new ways of welcoming visitors, communicating with loved ones, and protecting one’s home.

What’s your value proposition?

Generally speaking, Hi) is an intercom that combines hardware (Wifi / GSM connections, range of power connections, committed design) and software (IBeacon functions, QR code reading, interoperability with smarthome ecosystems, etc.). This intercom now offers a dense offer.


Who are the users of your solution?

Connoisseurs or curious about home automation, families attentive to safety, AirBnB rental companies, the elderly or people with reduced mobility: our target audiences are first and foremost owners of individual homes. We are not targeting the tertiary market with this product. Since users are private individuals, great attention has been paid to the simplicity of the configuration process and ease of use. The product will actually be “Plug & play“.

Who are your competitors?

Competition today is still quite weak. In view of the features offered by Hi), our intercom does not have any competitor on equal terms. It should be noted, however, that Ring and Skybell in the United States offer similar products. In France, LeGrand is developing an intercom that is not compatible with a smartphone (tablet only).

What is your development plan?

Within five years, nearly 50 billion objects will be connected worldwide. If IoT is still a “gadget” today, it will become the norm by 2020, with a potential market of more than 7 trillion dollars. The objective is to take a significant share of the residential videophone market in Europe and North America. The development of new objects, always linked to the world of the smarthome, should also make it possible to develop the company’s turnover in the years to come.

What are your challenges?

The appearance on the market of videophones connected to the Internet is recent. The first challenge is therefore to make the general public discover the existence and accessibility of this type of product. It is then a question of convincing him of the way in which he aims to revolutionize people’s daily lives.

Founder: Bruno Davoine

Creation date : april 2015

Fundraising : In progress

Seat : Aix en Provence

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