[FW Radar] TextoLife brings your SMS back to life

by bold-lichterman

TextoLife was created by Yasmine Bahri Domon and Laura Oberto in 2013. The application allows you to save all conversations: SMS, Facebook, WhatsApp… and to list them in a book. It is then possible to print it or save it in PDF format. For the printed book, the first price starts at 15.90 euros and 3.90 euros for the PDF.

More details with Yasmine Bahri Domon, founder of TextoLife.

FrenchWeb: What needs does TextoLife meet?

Yasmine-bahriYasmine Bahri Domon, founder of TextoLife: You lose your phone, all your exchanges will be lost. You need to free up space on your phone, what do you do with your photos and instant sms / mms / WhatsApp and Messenger?

Textolife responds to a real need to safeguard ephemeral SMS / MMS / WhatsApp and Messenger exchanges.

We can keep: a physical trace of a virtual relationship, the memories of a person, of an event, of professional or legal exchanges and a chronology of his life year by year.

We are responding to another need which is more subtle and must be better highlighted. In any SMS conversation there are: moments of humor, poetic flights, emotions shared or not and remarkable details …

All the things that will subconsciously fade from our memories but which, highlighted through a book, will find all their current interest and will make a unique gift.

What’s your value proposition?

No automated SMS / MMS / WhatsApp or Messenger saving or printing process existed before. We offer through our site in English and French and our applications (mobile for Android and Desktop for IOS) a backup of your ephemeral conversations in the form of a customizable book, either printed or in the form of a PDF book. We offer 8 different graphic choices for the creation of your book, as well as the possibility of writing an introduction by attaching a photo. The process is quick and easy under 10 minutes. As well as a photo album but with the text in addition!

Who are the users of your solutions?

Our users are smartphone owners who: are used to communicating by SMS / WhatsApp, Messenger; an interest in “the book” (the object and / or reading), originality, innovation and they intuitively feel that there is an interest in preserving ephemeral exchanges either in electronic version or in version paper.

Our core target are women aged 25 to 35, urban and in couples (78% of the titles of our books are related to love stories). In second place are the others who use our application to keep the exchanges with their family, their friends and finally to keep the traces of a disappeared being.

Who are your competitors?

Currently, only one application in France has been listed on Android and for iPhone, allowing to create an ephemeral conversation book. Monlivresms was launched in September 2014, at the same time that we started to materialize the project. But we do not consider Monlivresms as a direct competitor, since no graphics, no customization, no layout are offered to the customer, nor the possibility of offering a book in digital PDF format. The process of generating a WhatsApp and Messenger conversation is not automated, the customer must send his file by email: therefore 0 confidentiality. What makes us different is the choice of graphics, the ability to add a photo and an introductory message, to choose a title, and the interior layout using the format of SMS bubbles and automation. of its book generation processes.

What is your development plan?

Given the rapidity of technological changes and purchasing behavior, the countless possible adaptations of the application and the website, we expect not only to constantly reinvent our product, but also to invent new ones.

We will offer other innovative services in the field of safeguarding ephemeral exchanges.

We integrated the Orange accelerator in October: L’Orange Fab, which helps us to establish our reputation in France and then to export ourselves internationally.

We have signed a partnership with the Orange France Cloud to allow Orange customers to benefit from a 15% reduction on our services and to save the book of their most beautiful SMS, MMS, WhatsApp and Messenger conversations in their Cloud d ‘Orange.

What are your challenges?

In a context of growing demand for personalized objects, our services are conceived as being able to act as original personalized gifts, which change the photo albums which are now firmly established on the market.

17.5 million smartphones were expected to be sold in 2014, and today Android equips more than 71% of smartphones sold in France, iOS 14.7% and Windows 10.6%.

There is therefore a potential market of more than 15 million users in France.

From the start of next year, we are going to set up other partnerships with companies of the same size and reputation as Orange to give us greater visibility and strengthen our communication.

Founders: Yasmine Bahri Domon and Laura Oberto

Creation date : Idea at the end of 2013, development during 2014, test during the year 2015. Marketing end of 2015 – beginning of 2016.

Fundraising : no

Seat : Paris

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