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Sonia Zarowski and Fabrice Berger Duquene founded Teeps in July 2015. The application allows, before buying, to get advice from an expert. More details with Sonia Zarowsky, co-founder of Teeps.

FrenchWeb: What problem does Teeps solve?

Sonia zarowsky teepsSonia Zarowsky, co-founder of Teeps: Teeps is creating new augmented sales forces in the service of brands to overcome the following problem: selling is more and more expensive for brands in an increasingly competitive context. In stores, we are finding fewer and fewer sellers. Online, algorithms have replaced sellers impoverishing the shopping experience for consumers who are increasingly demanding and difficult to win over, they want to benefit from personalized offers, help with choice and not waste time.

What’s your value proposition?

We bring together communities of enthusiasts (fashion, decoration, children, and soon: wine, delicatessen, sports, etc.) on a platform and give them the tools to proactively sell wherever they are. Their engines are passion and conversation. They allow brands and merchants to win over new customers in new territories through word of mouth, and offer consumers a new personalized and humanized digital shopping experience. Two months after launch, we already have over 1,000 passionate experts ready to recommend products from our 650 partners.

What are your users looking for?

We have three user profiles:

  • The passionate / expert of a universe makes his passion a source of additional income while sharing it within a simple and fun platform.

  • The consumer finds the product that suits him the most thanks to the conversation with a passionate individual who looks like him (thanks to algorithm of matching) and who “knows it”. He therefore benefits from personalized neutral advice, without wasting time searching, and free of charge since there is no obligation to purchase and the purchase prices are the same as in the store.

  • Merchants benefit from a new way of selling, recruiting, influencing and retaining new customers thanks to new and increased sales forces made up of passionate individual ambassadors. They can also implement our white label technology like Delamaison is doing and others to come soon.

What is your development plan?

We have two areas of development:

  • A B2C axis: this will go through the responsive web and Android version of our current iOS platform but also through the opening of new product universes (Wine, Delicatessen, sport, Beauty, etc.) and services. 2017 will also be the year of a test in a new European country, with online commerce making it possible to quickly overcome geographic constraints.

  • A B2B axis with the industrialization of our tools and the provision of our white label technologies for brands and the media.

Of course, we are also continuing to work on the organic growth and engagement of our communities on social networks, which already bring together more than 250,000 committed fans, as many customers and potential enthusiasts for our partners.

What are your challenges?

Our biggest stake is an educational stake. Teeps is a new service that totally disrupts the way you buy (and sell). Merchants quickly understood the benefits (increased processing rates, average baskets and repeat) and we have already initiated discussions with several major players in the market. The educational effort will be more important on our B2C axis where we are a little ahead in terms of use and purchasing behavior.

Our second major challenge is therefore the training and animation of our communities of enthusiasts. The word of mouth that they will make around Teeps will be decisive.

Who are your competitors?

We have no direct competitor on our model. Clearly, no shopping service offers consumers a personalized and human experience like on Teeps. On our B2B axis, we are often brought closer to solutions of cat such as Howtank, Toki-Woki or the new service offered by iAdvize through Ibbü. In reality, we are completely complementary. These solutions are more an extension of the after-sales service of the brands when we really position ourselves upstream, on the moment of the sale, a pro-active sale with a matching customer / expert profiles, more on a logic of conquering customers, and very social oriented.

Founders: Sonia Zarowsky and Fabrice Berger Duquene

Creation date : july 2015

Fundraising : any

Seat : Paris

Capital : 20,000 euros

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