[FW Radar] TapCards wants to reinvent the photo album

by bold-lichterman

Founded in 2015 by Raphaël Lombard, TapCards is an application that allows you to manage and classify your photos. It is then possible to print them with a chip inside. The latter refers to a photo album.

More details with Raphaël Lombard, founder of TapCards.

FrenchWeb: What needs does your service meet?

Raphael-LombardRaphaël Lombard, founder of TapCards: Today, it is impossible to offer a souvenir as a whole without having to opt for a photo book which is binding to share for several reasons:

  • long to create,

  • often expensive,

  • impractical in use (impossible to display it like a printed photo).

The printed photo does not have these constraints. It is in itself only a cliché, very thin given the consistency of our captured memories. And printing all the photos of a souvenir is not useful either… The exclusively digital solutions for sharing memories do not make it possible to mark the gesture of pleasure and prevent having the souvenir at home. It therefore lacks an in-between that would make it possible to please those close to them by offering the memory as it is.

What’s your value proposition?

We make it possible to achieve more than just a printed photo without the hassle of a photo book by merging the best of each into one product:

  • the beauty of a photograph and be on a visible surface,

  • the consistency of a photo book, the ease of access to its photos and its character as an object.

Connected to an online photo album, in contact with a smartphone, tablet or computer, the TapCard instantly displays the entire photo album on the screen thanks to NFC technology without the need to download an application from the prior. Two other ways to access the digital album are also integrated, a QRcode and the private link of the digital album.

Who are the users of your solutions?

At every good moment in life we ​​want a memory. Users could very well be a couple getting married, someone going on a trip, a family etc.

Who are your competitors?

Unlike the actors of web-to-print and theapp-to-print, we give interactivity to the printed product. This interactivity places us in relation to them in a complementary way in the targeted user experience and in terms of the resulting walking shares: There will always be people who will want to leaf through the snippets of their life, just like printed a simple photo , because beautiful and orphan.

We see these players as trading partners, because there is a real strengthening of bilateral supply to operate.

The same goes for the pure players cloud type and photo sharing app / site looking for a way to add value to their users’ digital albums.

What is your development plan?

The service that will be deployed shortly is just the first step. We intend to go much further in the user experience and there are already some nice surprises planned for more than a year. Functionalized systems focused solely on the benefits of use with high added value resulting from listening to the field that has lasted since the start of the adventure.

The consumer market being fragmented, we will very quickly deploy internationally. In order to further boost our growth, we plan to forge commercial partnerships with our ecosystem, something that is possible for us since we are at the crossroads of 100% digital and 100% physical ones.

After trying many times to outsource the production to printers, we ended up deploying our own production line, because our offer exceeds all industry standards in terms of technical feasibility and economic viability. . So we designed it and so that it can easily evolve with the sales volumes.

What are your challenges?

The objective is not to launch a new product on the market. The objective is to build a brand with a new resonance in a very mature market which has fallen asleep on itself for purely financial and industrial reasons. We are coming out of this generalized conformism with a new definition of user experience which is fully in line with current consumer behaviors of the “human realities” that we are targeting.

Moreover, it should be noted that tomorrow, if only 1% of digital photos hosted on our devices were converted to physical printing, this same market could double in the space of just one year. However, the use value of existing printed products is no longer sufficiently in line with today’s behavior to convert this 1%.

It is therefore a new approach to the market built from a new generation of products and associated services that is needed to address the renewal of a very mature market that we are about to conquer.

We are preparing for the fundraising for a closing targeted this summer.

Founders: Raphael Lombard

Creation date : February 6, 2015

Fundraising : 250,000 euros have been obtained so far while remaining in equity. A fundraising fundraising from investors is now on the agenda.

Seat : Clermont-Ferrand

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