[FW Radar] Swikly wants to simplify the deposit system

by bold-lichterman

Launched in June 2016 by Xavier Rouhaud and Shaun Wourm, Swikly is a platform that digitizes deposit and deposit requests before each reservation.

More details with Xavier Rouhaud, co-founder of Swikly.

FrenchWeb: What needs does your service meet?

Xavier-RouhaudXavier Rouhaud, co-founder of Swikly: Activity providers regularly face late cancellations or equipment degradation which leads to a drop in their income. Our mission is to secure their reservations or rentals, as well as to protect the end customer from unjustified debit. We are a trusted third party by providing an Internet service which makes it very easy to request deposits and deposits.

What’s your value proposition?

Our guideline is ease of use, allowing providers to request a down payment or security deposit in a few clicks, without subscription or commitment. The service provider’s customer instantly receives an SMS or an email requesting a bank imprint without any money transfer. This method is faster and more secure than providing a credit card number over the phone or sending a deposit check. Our system is non-intrusive in the choice of final collection means, which remains decided by the customers. We provide a system accessible to all by practicing prices much cheaper than those on the market.

Who are the users of your solutions?

Our core target includes tourism players: activity providers and accommodation providers. At the same time, our service can be used by anyone wishing to secure a deposit or deposit, such as an individual making a sale on Le bon coin or a restaurant owner receiving groups. They are looking to secure their turnover, wanting to limit cancellations and preserve their equipment. Thus, a mountain guide will ask for a deposit on a reservation while a lodging can also ask for a deposit for the respect of its goods.

What is your development plan?

Our main objective is to have 400 customers by the end of our first fiscal year, for this we organized the Swikly Tour. Through aperitif-conferences we go directly to meet providers. This work is completed with telephone canvassing. We improve our service by providing additional protection for the customer paying the guarantee (deposit or deposit) by allowing him to take out cancellation insurance. Finally, we will test the Spanish market at the end of 2017.

What are your challenges?

Our commission being minimal, we must have on a large volume of “swiks” (ie request for down payments or deposits). For this we work with prescribers who allow us to win new customers. Another challenge is to retain our “swikeurs”. By working without subscription or commitment, we retain our customers to ensure that the use of our platform is a reflex and not a one-off action.

Who are your competitors?

A pioneer in the deposit sector, we have no direct competitors. The services we can compare ourselves to are those of fund transfers, such as Paypal and classified ads sites that have their payment solution, for example Airbnb or Booking. We also take into account the usual competition with traditional means such as the deposit by check.

Our distinction is that our guarantee is non-intrusive, it does not change the payment habits of our customers. In addition, our prices are half the price of the market.

Founders: Xavier Rouhaud and Shaun Wourm

Creation date : April 6, 2016, the commercial launch was carried out in June 2016

Fundraising : first fundraising in “Love Money” completed thanks to the BPI

Seat : Paris

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