[FW Radar] Student Quality wants to improve the recruitment of interns and work-study students

by bold-lichterman

Student Quality was created by Jérémy Chevalier in March 2017. The start-up wants to facilitate the search for work-study and internship for students and to simplify recruitment for companies.

More details with Jérémy Chevalier, founder of Student Quality.

FrenchWeb: What needs does your service meet?

jeremy-knightJérémy Chevalier, founder of Student Quality: The CV is not suitable for recruiting students (and even more so for the new generation Y) because they are there to build it. We therefore answer the question: how to improve recruitment for a work-study or internship?

We therefore offer a recruitment solution which takes the form of a dedicated platform that integrates a new application system. The sending of the CV is replaced by the sending of a response to a “challenge” problem related to the activity of the companies.

What is your value proposition?

Our application system qualifies and assesses students before the interview.

In summary, we find the best possible “match” between student and company by focusing on the qualities, skills, motivation and affinities that students may have.

Who are the users of your solutions?

The first users are of course students looking for internships or work-study programs. Student Quality is for all students who want a new, more transparent and fairer way of applying. Our solution allows you to send multiple files for the response in different formats (audio, video, image, text). We therefore let creativity express itself which also allows students to stand out.

Then there are companies that want to improve their recruitment experience and are therefore looking for a work-study or a quality intern.

Then finally, the schools which play the role of recruitment firm and which want to improve their placement of students with their partners.

What is your development plan?

The objective is of course national development and we are studying all the opportunities at this level.

In the meantime, we are gradually approaching the south-eastern part (PACA, Lyon and Montpellier region) by favoring long-term partnerships with support and high customer service.

What are your challenges?

The stakes behind Student Quality are high. By making the recruitment of students more efficient, we seek to improve the image and promote work-study training, which is a lever of action against unemployment among young people.

It also has a large social part because Student Quality fights against discrimination by proposing an anonymous application for candidates: qualities before identity!

Who are your competitors?

All employment platforms or mobile applications targeting students: kudoz, wizbee, bonanza… Our competitors have all chosen to bet on the speed of applications for students (CV in 10 seconds). We have chosen to highlight quality via our application system without CV but also via our management system which allows an easy and fast response to each application (automatic email in 1 click) and brings areas of improvement to students (grading of 5 criteria).

Founder: Jeremy Chevalier

Creation date : march 2017

Fundraising : no

Seat : Aix-Marseille