[FW Radar] Seelk wants to optimize sales of marketplaces

by bold-lichterman

Founded by Raphael Guedj and Benjamin Pipat, Seelk is a tool intended for companies wishing to optimize their sales on marketplaces. To do this, the start-up is responsible for all e-commerce operations: creation of catalogs, marketing campaigns, logistics, customer service, reporting, etc.

More details with Raphael Guedj, co-founder of Seelk.

FrenchWeb: What needs does your service meet?

Raphael-GuedjRaphael Guedj, co-founder of Seelk: Marketplaces have become eldorados for brands. All want to benefit from the strong growth of these platforms which will represent almost half of e-commerce in 2020, but many are lost in the face of their complexity and the fierce competition they face. Winning on marketplaces requires technical and business expertise, which many brands do not have the means to develop.

What is your value proposition?

Seelk is a full-service solution that combines proprietary technologies and marketplace experts to operate and maximize the sales of major brands on marketplaces in Europe.

The control and optimization of the value chain being a necessity to perform on the marketplace, we operate and automate all operations (catalog, marketing, logistics, returns, after-sales service, BI, etc.) on behalf of our customers.

Who are the users of your solutions?

We are addressing brands that have neither the resources nor the internal skills to be able to effectively manage this new sales channel. We become their outsourced e-commerce department.

Many brands seek to understand and master the workings of these marketplaces, which are constantly evolving platforms, with which it is necessary to stay connected, technically and commercially. Faced with this complex issue, brands prefer to delegate this activity to experts equipped with tools and knowledge that they cannot develop internally.

What is your development plan?

We aim to become the European leader in delegation on Marketplaces. Founded in 2016, we now operate sales of around twenty brands on marketplaces, with the ambition to triple in the next 18 months.

International development will also involve the opening of offices in Asia and North America, necessary for the commercial development of the activity. Many brands, especially based in China and the USA, want to take advantage of the opportunity offered by marketplaces in Europe, but lack local partners to help them.

What are your challenges?

Our main challenges are:

  • HR: we have major challenges in recruiting key profiles: operations manager, team management, lead developers, brand managers.
  • Tech: We are developing many tech tools to automate operations and maximize sales on marketplaces. The challenge for our technical teams is to prioritize developments in a bootstrap mode.
  • Partnership: One of our key success factors is our relationship with marketplaces. Establishing connections with the technical and commercial teams of these platforms is a major issue in order to deploy our brands more quickly on these marketplaces.
  • Business: Chinese brands represent considerable potential, but it is very complex to forge long-distance business relationships without an on-site presence to support them.

Who are your competitors?

We theorized the competitive environment of the marketplace solutions market as follows:

Enablers: these are very specific technical solutions which allow a brand to distribute its catalog on several platforms. (ex: Lengow, Shoppingflux, Bizup) This is very good for brands with e-commerce teams provided that can manage all the other aspects, but these solutions allow brands to broadcast a flow, but do not provide any service or expertise.

“Facilitators”: these are solutions that provide an additional service to the distribution of flows, by guaranteeing the creation of catalogs on the platforms (eg: feedmanager, The French Talent, Neteven). This is advantageous for small e-commerce teams with few resources, it is the assurance of having their product pages created. But you have to be able to manage all operations and understand how to win on marketplaces.

“Maximizers”: these are full-service solutions, which take care of all operations with the promise of maximizing sales (eg SEELK, WeArePentagon, Anatwine). For brands with little or no resources, it is the assurance of quickly capturing the potential of marketplaces, while limiting their investments thanks to a mainly variable model.

Founders: Raphael Guedj and Benjamin Pipat

Creation date : february 2016

Fundraising : incubated by Fast-Up Partners which funded the Seed project to the tune of 300,000 euros

Seat : Paris

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