[FW Radar] Schmilblick, a mobile game to finance the actions of associations

by bold-lichterman

Founded by Benjamin Athuil in December 2015, the Schmilblick is a mobile game. Free, it allows players to collect funds for associations.

More details with Benjamin Athuil, founder of Schmilblick.

FrenchWeb: What needs does your service meet?

benjamin-athuilBenjamin Athuil, founder of Schmilblick: I wanted to respond to a double problem by creating a bridge between two needs that complement each other. On the one hand, general interest associations, which respond to more than important issues such as access to employment or education, are often slowed down in their projects because they have difficulty obtaining funding. , subsidies are rare and very time consuming to obtain. On the other hand, many citizens would like to be able to help but they do not have the means. Without even talking about money, it is often quite simply difficult to know how we can contribute, when we don’t have the time to get involved or a particular tool to help these associations.

What’s your value proposition?

Schmilblick is a freemium mobile game that funds associations. Free to download and play, our game uses the mythical principle of the game show: you have to guess the mystery object that is hidden behind an image or three clues. It’s awfully fun, and pretty universal (who hasn’t played guessing games?). Each party earns points for the association that we have chosen to support, and the more the associations are supported, the more we give them a large part of our income. The game is funded by advertising, and in-app (and optional!) Purchases by players who want to access bonuses and exclusives. With us, the game becomes useful, and the donation becomes fun! You can get things done while having fun.

Who are the users of your solution?

Our users are mobile gamers (over 18 million in France). More particularly, on a quiz game like ours, we find more women (who also often feel more concerned by social issues). The average age of mobile gamers is around 32 years old, casting a wide net from 14 to over 65. They seek above all to have fun on their phone, pick up a bit, spend two minutes of fun without to argue. The game is a bit of an outlet, a bit of a letting go, but if they could help get things going in the right direction, they would play all the more spirited (and be less ashamed to spend so much time in line up candy on their phone!).

On the other hand, our beneficiaries, the associations, mobilize their community to support them in the game, and to be able to better finance their projects on professional integration or education. They can thus innovate in their fundraising.

Who are your competitors?

Our main competitors are the other Quiz games, like DuelQuiz or QuizUp, which have made great games and have had a great time personally.

Afterwards, making a structurally united game on mobile is brand new – we’ve never seen it before (let us know if you know one!). We can also count on our beautiful brand, which has a superb history, to differentiate us from “lighter” concepts.

What is your development plan?

Our first objective is to release the game within 6 months, giving ourselves time to develop it, test it, etc. Then we will have to succeed in attracting as many players as possible and this will also require the multiplication of partnerships with our beneficiary associations who will be able to mobilize their community.

Then, if the game brings good signals in France, we will release it in as many languages ​​as possible to develop it internationally, even under other names. For example, the “Bac Game” application is called “Tutti Frutti” in Italy, “Stop” in the USA. After all, each country has its challenges, its public and its associations, why not help them also to advance the Schmilblick?

What are your challenges?

The mobile gaming market is very competitive. There are thousands of games, especially as the barriers to entry are almost non-existent. A Flappy Bird or a 2048 developed by a youngster in their bedroom can appear every day (and we can’t wait to see the next ones). Afterwards, since the games are often free to download, players can more easily play multiple games, and most like to test and play a game for a few months before switching.

This will require us to convince a large number of players to have an impact, and to be able to innovate. We are already imagining new game modes to be launched after 4 months, 8 months… you always have to renew your product to keep the enthusiasm of the players intact. And to ensure the continuity of a great product, we will also need to recruit talented people!

Founder: Benjamin Athuil

Creation date : December 2015

Fundraising : no but fundraising via the Ulule page

Seat : Montreuil

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