[FW Radar] SaveMyPaquet wants to secure the receipt of parcels

by bold-lichterman

Founded by Stéphen de Lépin in early 2016, SaveMyPackage is a solution that allows you to receive your parcels without being at home. The delivery man places the parcel in a net and flash the QR code on the application. A notification is immediately sent to the customer.

More details with Anne-Laure d’Amarzit, Sales & Project Manager of SaveMyPaquet.

FrenchWeb: What needs does your service meet?

Anne-Laure-d-AmarzitAnne-Laure d’Amarzit, Sales & Project Manager of SaveMyPaquet: We have developed and patented a system that allows you to receive all your parcels at your home in your absence. It is a service that meets the growing expectations of consumers in terms of delivery. We are receiving more and more packages (over a million / day in France) and delivery remains a real pain. We have all took an RTT to wait for the delivery person all day, spent our Saturday morning in the queue at the post office, wasted hours on the phone claiming a lost package … With our service, no more delivery problems!

What’s your value proposition?

We offer a secure system against theft, which works for all packages and with all carriers. You leave your net under your doormat. The delivery person places your package in the net, closes it and clips it to your door. Your package is secure, only you can collect it by opening your door.

With the application, the delivery person flashes the QR code affixed to your door and you are immediately informed of the arrival of your package by email or SMS.

What are your challenges?

Our main challenge is to make ourselves known. Indeed, it is a change of habit, a new way of receiving parcels. It is therefore necessary to communicate with individuals but also with deliverers so that they adopt the system. But, we are confident, because the benefits are enormous for individuals (no more delivery problems) for deliverers (additional salary via the app, 100% of successful deliveries from the first visit) and for e-merchants ( no complaints, better conversion rate).


Who are your competitors?

Our direct competitors are the other home delivery methods in the absence of the recipient (guardian, letter box). And our indirect competitors are all other delivery methods (home, relay point, lockers, etc.).

We are the only solution that allows you to receive all your parcels at your home in your absence, at any time.

Who are the users of your solutions?

The users of our solution are online shoppers who don’t have time to chase their packages. They want a simple, hassle-free home delivery solution.

And we don’t forget the delivery people! Thanks to our app, their work is valued. With each delivery, the delivery person flashes the recipient’s QR code and accumulates points convertible into gifts or in addition to salary.

What is your development plan?

We have just launched the sale of nets on our site and on our campaign KissKissBankBank. We want to equip as many individuals as possible in France this year and provide a real solution to delivery problems.

Internationalization will come second. At the same time, we offer e-merchants a turnkey delivery service in the absence of the recipient.

Founder: Stéphen de Lépinau

Creation date : early 2016

Fundraising : no

Seat : Puteaux

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