[FW Radar] RMOpportunities, the marketplace for the resale of chemicals

by bold-lichterman

Founded in December 2015 by Grégoire Willmann, Gabriel Calmels and Christian Rodié, RMOpportunities is a marketplace that allows companies to resell their unused chemicals. The start-up is incubated at USE’In in Saint-Etienne.

More details with Gabriel Calmels, co-founder of RMOpportunities.

FrenchWeb: What needs does your service meet?

Gabriel-CalmelsGabriel Calmels, co-founder of RMOpportunities: Today, the scarcity of raw materials is a real problem, especially since these materials are not always well used. This is where we come in. It very often happens that chemical companies find themselves with stocks of chemical raw materials that they no longer need, currently companies will wait for the products to expire and then pay to have them destroyed. Our service intervenes to limit the destruction of products by looking for a new company that could be interested in it.

What is your value proposition?

RMOpportunities wants to intervene before the products reach their expiration date. We have created a marketplace that brings together buyers and sellers in the chemicals sector. Businesses create listings for their inventory on our site for other businesses to purchase. This is the principle of the circular economy: transforming a burden for one company into a resource for another. We are making money for businesses where they used to lose money.

Who are the users of your solutions?

We currently have large chemical companies as well as SMEs and very small businesses. 50% of our customers are French and the rest are spread around the world. Some registered companies will try to resell their products that they no longer use. The most buying profiles will search for products and negotiate if they find a product that suits them. We also have the ability to create alerts for products that are not yet available.

What is your development plan?

We are continually looking to improve our platform to match the wishes of our customers as closely as possible: we recently added a request section so that companies can place an ad for a product they are looking for.

We are also seeking to enrich our offer, in particular by seeking partners for transport and to have a product quality control laboratory.

By the nature of its business RMOpportunities has been international from the start. The site is being translated into French and English and the addition of other languages ​​will be done gradually.

What are your challenges?

Like all marketplaces, our challenge is to interest as many companies as possible in order to have the largest number of offers. We seek to expand our service to further simplify the sale of products from seller to buyer by minimizing risk for all parties. We also wish to accentuate our international development because we were able to observe following our market study that many companies are interested in our service abroad.

Who are your competitors?

When we started, we had competitors without a marketplace, that is to say, they retrieved lists of products from companies and they were looking for the interested company. Now some traders are starting to use a platform but they don’t have such an automated system as ours.

Founders: Grégoire Willmann, Gabriel Calmels and Christian Rodié

Creation date : december 2015

Fundraising : any

Seat : Saint Etienne