[FW Radar] Postclass wants to digitize the relationships between students and teachers

by bold-lichterman

Created by Emmanuel Boutin, Cyril Prunet, Youssef Bengelloun and Pierrick Gourlain in September 2016, Postclass is an application. It aims to develop communication between students and their teachers.

More details with Emmanuel Boutin, co-founder of Postclass.

FrenchWeb: What needs does your service meet?

Emmanuel-boutinEmmanuel Boutin, co-founder of Postclass: Preparing our children for the challenges of tomorrow is essential. Teaching methods and tools must evolve with our time, that of the digital revolution.

Our mission by offering postclass is simple and clear: the time has come for collaboration in the classes to bring out a collective power opening up access to knowledge to all rather than pushing for competition and individualism.

What’s your value proposition?

Postclass is a cross-platform application that makes it very easy to create classes where members meet to organize, discuss, ask questions and freely exchange files. All this data is accessible at any time thanks to the postclass cloud hosted in Europe.

Our service stands out for its security, simplicity and above all for the establishment of a collaborative environment, this last point being one of our main values.

Who are the users of your solution?

Our users are mainly students and their teachers of the second cycle, although we also have actors of professional training (first aid, distance private lessons etc…). Our “postclassers” come looking for a simple, free tool, which evolves quickly thanks to their feedback and above all versatile, leaving room for the teacher to set up his methods. The uses are multiple: we had the example of a teacher in South Korea who uses postclass to encourage class participation (by noting the activity of each student in the application)!

Who are your competitors?

Our main competitor is Edmodo.

Our specificity? Simplicity, applications dedicated to the needs of the school, an educational approach more than a tool.

What is your development plan?

In the very short term, we wish to continue to iterate with our users to prepare for the start of the 2017 school year. Ultimately, our goal is to gradually provide the necessary tools to teachers and their students to set up a class open to collaboration and new teaching methods (eg flipped classroom). Internationalization is not yet our priority, we remain focused on the start of the 2017 school year.

What are your challenges?

Our main challenge is to become the reference application for student collaboration from middle school.

For this, postclass has established strong links with teachers in many colleges and we are developing the application based on their feedback.

Founders: Emmanuel Boutin, Cyril Prunet, Youssef Bengelloun and Pierrick Gourlain

Creation date : September 2016

Fundraising : any

Seat : Paris

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