[FW Radar] Place2Swap, the platform that allows brands to integrate the second-hand market into their business model

by bold-lichterman

Estefania Larranaga and Lucie Soulard met during a digital training course and it was a real professional crush. They decided to launch Place2Swap to put their skills at the service of brands and help promote more responsible consumption. Place2Swap is an omnichannel platform that allows brands to integrate the second-hand market into their business model in a sustainable and profitable way.

More details with Estefania Larranaga, co-founder of Place2Swap:

FrenchWeb: What needs does your service meet?

Today Retail is undergoing many upheavals:

  • Drop in store traffic

  • Explosion of the second-hand market that completely escapes brands

  • New expectations of consumers, who favor more responsible proposals from their brands.

Our solution makes it possible to respond to these 3 problems in parallel.

FW Radar Place2Swap the platform that allows brands to integrate

What is your value proposition?

We offer brands and distributors to integrate the second-hand market into their business model.

This allows them :

  • To generate additional business

  • To create in-store traffic thanks to an omnichannel solution

  • To position itself on responsible values ​​popular with consumers.

Who are the users of your solutions?

End users are consumers who seek to consume more responsibly, and expect their favorite brands to bring them these kinds of offers in-store, in line with their new way of consuming.

They also want to have more and more qualitative and personalized brand experiences that meet both their needs and their uses.

What is your development plan?

First, we are targeting the fashion market because:

  1. It is the market in which the use is the most widespread and the growth of trade is the most important

  2. It is the 2nd most polluting market in the world

  3. It is the one on which we have the greatest sectorial expertise

We will then attack other markets in France, then international and French brands present internationally.

What are your challenges?

Our main stake today is that of evangelization.We observe that things are evolving since we launched our company a year and a half ago, the brands are convinced of the validity of our solution but some are still struggling to get started.

We are working hand in hand with them to build a business model that suits all stakeholders, and are currently preparing a new round of funding to allow us to hire and accelerate our business development.

Who are your competitors?

Our competitors are potentially all the platforms that operate on the second-hand market, all product categories combined.

Our uniqueness lies in the fact that we have put brands back at the center of the loop in order to offer their second-hand offer within their ecosystem.

Who is the entrepreneur who inspires you? Why?

Nathalie Balla:

  • For the incredible work she has done in the digital transformation of La Redoute

  • For his professionalism, his kindness and his sense of excellence

  • For his courage and his performance

  • Because she is an inspiring example for all women

The 5 applications that are essential for you and why:

  • Gmail inbox: I work on the go and I need to check my emails

  • Linkedin: for the execution of our B2B business strategy

  • Twitter: to be informed and create a community around Place2swap

  • TGV pro: essential for travel

  • Asana and slack for mobile project management

The 5 tech events you absolutely must attend and why:

  • Vivatech: it’s the show that brings together the top of tech and satrtups in France

  • Hubforum: two days of conferences and workshops that showcase digital best practices. All subjects are covered: tech, data, retail, ecommerce, consumer experience …

It is essential to follow what is said in the annual events of the tech giants:

  • Facebook Annual Conference

  • Apple Annual Conference

  • Microsoft Annual Conference

  • Google Annual Conference

And for retail, which is our domain:

  • Paris Retail week: the meeting place for retail professionals. There are representatives of both physical and digital commerce sector offering with the latest news.

  • The Monaco e-commerce fair: essential for e-commerce players.

A start-up for us to discover?

Phenix which has succeeded in finding a profitable and responsible economic model around Food Waste.

And Circul’R, for the incredible ecosystem they are creating around the circular economy!

Key data:

  • Founders: Estefania Larranaga and Lucie Soulard
  • Creation date : July 2016
  • Fundraising : We have already raised Love Money and are currently preparing to raise with Business Angels.
  • Seat : Ile-de-France