[FW Radar] Pinql, the rental Tinder

by bold-lichterman

Pinql was founded on February 16, 2017 by Ryan Woo, Andrea Bensaid and David Oussadon. The application allows owners to get in touch with future tenants.

More details with David Oussadon, co-founder of Pinql.

FrenchWeb: What needs does your service meet?

david-oussadonDavid Oussadon, co-founder of Pinql: Finding accommodation has become today, in a society where everything is done to make life simpler and faster, a much too complex and time-consuming process! The administrative procedures are numerous and always different depending on the case, and the agency fees are sometimes prohibitive. Finally, the multiplication of meetings can quickly turn out to be hell… It is this seized machinery that Pinql wants to revolutionize.

What is your value proposition?

What is important to us is to make life as easy as possible for tenants and owners alike, with complete confidence. We have created a platform for connecting individuals, tenants and owners. We have digitized and centralized most of the rental process; I am thinking in particular of our appointment manager, who avoids duplicates and wasted time, the inventory of fixtures or even the GPS which guides the tenant to the apartment. And we want to go even further, by digitizing the rental contract, insurance or essential services (plumbing, locksmith, etc.)

Who are the users of your solutions?

On the one hand, today we have young people looking for their first accommodation or shared apartments, and on the other hand, owners who are a little older. Either way, Pinql users can upload their listings and create their tenant file in just a few minutes. What really pleases is the immediacy of the app: in less than 5 minutes, you can post your ad and get in touch directly with several candidates looking to rent your property. The ability to filter incoming requests, based on defined criteria, is also of immense added value for owners. Real estate has not yet taken the measure of the application revolution: it is still a shame, for such a large transaction, and where time is so precious!

What is your development plan?

In the short term, we are going to embark on our search for financing to further develop our team and perfect our offer. As we told you, we have lots of new features in mind that we can’t wait to test! In the medium term, we are looking to establish ourselves in the whole of France but we would like to internationalize very quickly, particularly in England and particularly in London, where real estate uses could fully benefit from what we are offering.

What are your challenges?

There are so many! For us, the important thing is already to familiarize a large number of users with our application, which among us we call the real estate agent in our pocket. All the disruptions that apps have brought did not happen overnight, and it will be a fortiori the case for real estate – and somewhere, it makes us believe in our project all the more. This requires great efforts in terms of communication and occupation of space; having the best idea is not enough, you still have to convince and get used to it.

Who are your competitors?

We have two types of competitors: real estate agencies, which take an average of one month’s rent on the owner’s side as on the tenant’s side for each transaction, and on the other, classic real estate portals which are satisfied with a simple connection. We distinguish ourselves by providing our users with the quality of service of a real estate agency, but in a digital, fun… and inexpensive way!

Founders: Ryan Woo, Andrea Bensaid and David Oussadon

Creation date : February 16, 2017

Fundraising : any

Seat : Paris