[FW Radar] ParlonsPo wants to reinvent democracy at the local level

by bold-lichterman

Founded in January 2017 by Maxime Peyret Lacombe, Let’s talk po is a platform allowing municipalities to make the right decisions after consulting citizens.

More details with Maxime Peyret Lacombe, founder of ParlonsPo.

FrenchWeb: What problem solves ParlonsPo?

maxime-peyret-lacombeMaxime Peyret Lacombe, founder of ParlonsPo: ParlonsPo is a CivicTech that promotes citizen and democratic momentum in the direction of a more privileged contact between citizens and those who run them, this presents a real digital revolution for cities that will allow them to modernize by giving their citizens the possibility of accessing a new platform for the co-construction of public space. ParlonsPo is a technological solution that can transform the way municipalities operate, better serve their citizens and make data-driven decisions. The tech industry must help solve some of today’s biggest problems and make life easier for the citizen.

What’s your value proposition?

We have developed a simple solution that is able to provide data illustrating budget information that will help municipalities to plan better and waste less money as well as organize collective intelligence by offering features such as tracking city ​​news, propose projects to local elected officials, report a malfunction, consult city data and be surveyed, stay informed of city alerts thanks to push notifications, exchange services, propose and view offers for employment, register for events organized by the city.

Who are the users of your solution?

Our technology serves citizens and makes public affairs smarter and more efficient. It’s no longer good enough to have documents hidden in hundreds of filing cabinets and reports printed on dot-matrix printers. Citizens increasingly demand transparency from their elected officials, and too often governments have no way of providing a clear window into how taxpayers’ money is being used. We are a remedy for this and advocate transparency at the local level where citizens can access municipal spending as well as statistics. As a public official, you access a private interface that allows you to survey your citizens and better understand the expectations in order to be able to make better decisions.

Who are your competitors?

Civic technology is now a hot space for technology investment. Governments are waking up to the need to bring their technology into the 21st century. ParlonsPo stands out from public initiatives by offering a simple, efficient, tailor-made, secure, neutral and transparent solution that required a significant budget.

What is your development plan?

On the development side, we plan to reach 1,000 municipalities over three years as well as populations less sensitive to digital technology by offering other digital solutions that are more suitable for raising sustainable awareness of a citizen participation. The start-up wants to be able to constantly innovate by offering new innovative services to citizens each year and, why not one day, tackle a new European market.

What are your challenges?

We want to reach out to citizens so that our technological solution has an impact on their civic life and can re-engage them at the local level. On the business side, we want to establish a bond of trust with our municipalities and increase our contracts with them throughout France. We are starting our first fundraising of one million euros from business angels and specialized funds in addition to 100,000 euros of equity. We want to be able to hire a minimum of 7 people in 2 years to improve our sales team.

Founder: Maxime Peyret Lacombe

Creation date : january 2017

Fundraising : any

Seat : Bordeaux

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