[FW Radar] Paperplane wants to send 3D messages

by bold-lichterman

Founded in September 2016 by Luiz Strecker, Emeline Cadot and Ben Chiciudean, Paperplane is an application that offers to send messages in 3D.

More details with Emeline Cadot, co-founder of Paperplane.

FrenchWeb: What needs does your service meet?

emeline-cadotEmeline Cadot, co-founder of Paperplane: Take the bus or train and count the number of people staring at their screens. This is the vast majority and we are one of them too. Telling people to pay more attention to the outside world and put their phones aside is unrealistic. On the other hand, with our smartphones, it is complicated to communicate by bringing an emotional dimension and a context to the content.

What is your value proposition?

With Paperplane you can leave 3D virtual messages to your friends in the real world. For example, it’s your friend’s birthday, instead of texting him to wish him, you can literally send him a virtual 3D birthday cake on his living room table and he will see it with his smartphone . We want to change the way of communicating in the years to come by offering, thanks to augmented reality and geolocation, more lively and personalized conversations. The desire of our start-up is above all to bring people together by sharing their favorite moments but also to enrich smartphones with the outside world. Users will be able to decide where, when and for how long their friends will see their messages.

Who are the users of your solutions?

The users will be all people with a smartphone, who like to try new technologies and try to communicate differently. We believe for the moment that the people most affected will be the 14-35 year olds. First, we need to do some testing and understand how users are making Paperplane their own.

What is your development plan?

What is most important to us is to have users who love our app. Initially, we prefer to have 50 people who come back every day and really like the app, rather than 10,000 who install it but don’t really use it.

We will set up an invitation system to download the application. You will only be able to download Paperplane if you are prompted. We want to control the development of the application.

We need to test the product to the fullest and understand that it is our user’s “haha moment”. It means, knowing the climax where he likes the product, decides to come back and invite his friends. This will bring about a vitality that will ensure long-term development.

We are a messaging app, so internationalization is paramount for us. The application will also be launched very quickly in the main countries of Europe.

What are your challenges?

We need to have a high retention rate (user loyalty) and to understand how they will appropriate the application.

Like any other consumer product, especially mobile apps, we need to have a large number of daily users before our business model can function perfectly.

Who are your competitors?

Our main competitors are mainly large companies like Facebook and Snapchat, which are starting to integrate augmented reality into their products.

We bring completely different functionality and the starting point of our app is the user’s map and geolocation, which is not the case with the other two giants.

Founders: Luiz Strecker, Emeline Cadot and Ben Chiciudean

Creation date : september 2016

Fundraising : 10,400 euros via Kickstarter

Seat : Nice