[FW Radar] OuiTeam wants to optimize the management of group temporary workers

by bold-lichterman

Launched by Benoit Ozan, Quentin Guilluy, Alexandre Ramin and Ivan de Pontevès co-founder, YesTeam is a platform for temporary work. Companies can manage and monitor the posting of their staff using a single tool.

More details with Quentin Guilluy, co-founder and CEO of OuiTeam.

FrenchWeb: What needs does OuiTeam meet?

Quentin-GuilluyQuentin Guilluy, co-founder and CEO of OuiTeam: To understand the problem to which we are responding, we have to go back to the beginning, OuiTeam was a digital interim platform in the hotel and restaurant industry. We had several clients recognized as industry giants, who authorized us to sell our solution to establishments in their group. It happened many times to us to call an establishment, which told us that it absolutely did not need temporary workers, because it was already having difficulty occupying its staff because of the low activity of its site. And at the same time, another establishment of the same group asked us for 5 servers for the next day, a few kilometers away!

What we allow is therefore to second employees with occasional overstaffing to sites with occasional understaffing. In other words, we optimize the internal resources of large groups to achieve savings on interim and fixed-term contracts.

What’s your value proposition?

By optimizing the HR of large groups, we allow our clients to make significant savings on their interim budget. Each day of secondment corresponds to approximately 130 euros in savings, i.e. the cost of a temporary worker for 7 hours of work. The employee, in addition to increasing his purchasing power, develops his employability by working on different sites, and sometimes different brands, within his Group. As for the manager who receives a seconded employee, he makes his operations more reliable by having trustworthy staff, on permanent contracts and trained in Group standards. In short, we use the possibilities of flexibility to secure long employment.

Who are the users of your solution?

Multi-site businesses. For the moment, our clients are large groups in the hotel and catering industry and in personal service. We are also in advanced discussions with players in mass distribution, ready-to-wear and construction. The end users are the operational managers of these customers (restaurant or store manager, site manager, etc.). They are very autonomous people, with a certain pragmatism. Before us, the detachments were managed either by telephone or on gigantic Excel files. They are happy to have access to a simple digital platform, which offers them a staffing solution in a few clicks.

Our users are also looking for personalized local support. This is why we provide follow-up with a team dedicated to internal change management.

What is your development plan?

Our main objective is to refine our matching algorithm, entirely developed in-house and very efficient. We are also developing some related solutions, which we will talk about very soon.

We want to offer our services to new sectors, in particular construction and ready-to-wear. Our solution is obvious for these sectors in tension, and these groups could realize significant savings while stimulating the hiring in CDI.

This is a prospect, but for the moment we are focusing on our consolidation in the French market. What our last fundraiser was used for.

What are your challenges?

Our main challenge is to evangelize the market. Our solution proves its effectiveness with our current customers, to whom we offer a very significant quantifiable ROI. Intra-group secondment is often carried out “on-off” by operational managers, sometimes without complying with legislation, and without notifying decision-makers at head office. We are therefore a way of facilitating, developing and supervising these personnel movements.

Our objective is above all to satisfy our current customers, thanks to our technology and our customer success managers. Operations are a priority for us.

Next, we aim to open up customers in the construction and ready-to-wear industries before the end of the year.

We want triple-digit growth in 2017, and we’re on track to achieve it. Also and above all, we are aiming for profitability at the very beginning of 2018.

We are currently increasing from 17 to 27 employees, in customer success and business development positions.

Who are your competitors?

Our main competitors are Excel and the telephone! It is the responsiveness and precision of our platform, combined with our support teams, that set us apart.

Founders: Benoit Ozan, Quentin Guilluy, Alexandre Ramin and Ivan de Pontevès

Creation date : Aug 3, 2015

Fundraising : one million euros from VCs including Kima Ventures and Business Angels (Christophe Courtin, CEO and co-founder of Santiane, and Jean-Stéphane Arcis, CEO & co-founder of TalentSoft)

Seat : Paris

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